What is cold press juicer Discover complete details comparisons

What is a cold press juicer? is a common question asked before taking a decision to buy a juicer. Getting a juicer is not a straightforward task anymore.  But after reading this article you definitely will be able to decide which juicer can serve you better and can provide you best glass of juice. Before jumping into the details you must understand the classifications of the juicers.

This classification is done on the basis of the juice production and time consumption to produce a glass of juice it also helps to understand the importance of preservation of natural ingredients in the juice.

  • Cold press juicers
  • Centrifugal Juicers
  • Masticating Juicers

Cold Press Juicer Machine

The following content will also the question how does cold press juicer work? Cold press juicer is the latest type of juicer machine in the market because cold press juicer first cuts the fruits and vegetables into pieces. By converting food into pieces it becomes easy to juice the fruits and vegetables. The second functional part the cold press juicer the food extracting juice from pieces of fruits and vegetables. In the juice extraction process, hydraulic pressure is exerted over the pieces of fruits and vegetables.  

what is cold press juicer

Previously a technique called cold press is already in the market. Cold press juice taste remains that at the top of natural juice production.

Most of us decide to choose the juicer in order to have the best natural taste and nutrients. Cold press juicers ensure to provide natural nutrients in the juice and takes care of fruit and vegetable in terms of maximum juice production.

Cold press juicers convert maximum promotion of fruits and vegetables into juice. You can experience 99% of fruits and vegetables are converted into juice and only 1% of fruits and vegetables are converted into pulp.

There is no doubt cold press juicer best in the market because of the working mechanism and quality of juice produce. But there is always a price factor that is important to note while buying a juicer.

Cold press juicers are a little bit expensive as compared with other juicers in the market. But if you notice the color and taste of the natural juice with a slightly higher cost cold press juicers are a perfect choice.

In a cold press juicer, it doesn’t matter what kind of fruits and vegetables you want to juice. You are just required to add pieces of fruits and vegetables to the cold press juicer. Cold press juice is produced by using hydraulic pressure techniques pressure. These techniques produce a quantity of juice from fruits and vegetables with high quality as well.

This type of juicer does not allow to make the juice prone to heat. The question may arise how this happens? The answer is very simple as these juicers do not rotate the food at high speed and no heat is produced and the natural ingredients of the juice remain intact. As is mentioned above instead of rotating the food these juicers compress the food.

While on the other hand centrifugal juicers rotate at very high speed due to these high rotations temperature of the juice rises and natural ingredients are lost. In order to understand the functionality and effectiveness of cold press juicers, I am explaining the working of centrifugal juicers in the following section.

Centrifugal Juicing Machines

The architecture of centrifugal juicer machines is completely different from the previously discussed cold press juicers. In centrifugal-type juicing machines, there are sharp blades at the central Processing part of a juicer. These sharp blades the fruits and vegetables into where is small pieces and these small pieces are rotated at very high speed due to rotations and cutting process juice is produced from fruits and vegetables.

centrifugal juicer works

Researches have mentioned due to the high rotation of fruits and vegetable temperature of the juice increases and important nutritional ingredients are lost. Natural enzymes and nutrients are sensitive to heat and high temperatures. So these fast rotations damage the natural ingredients.

Another factor that is noticed by the researcher change in the taste of the juice. By experiencing it is observed the difference between the taste of the juice produced by the juicer and juice produced by a centrifugal juicer.

Basically what happens is the oxidation process takes place inside the centrifugal juicer that damages the natural taste of the juice the natural ingredients. While in cold press juicers or masticating juicers these oxidation processes avoided.

Centrifugal juicers are recommended if you want to choose for baking or cooking purposes and you are less concerned about the nutrition and the natural enzymes in fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, centrifugal juicers can produce used in a very quick fashion as compared with cold press juicers. Centrifugal juicers rotate at the speed of 5500 RPM to 14500 PRM. That is no doubt a very high speed but juice production time decreases as well.

Cleaning the centrifugal juicer is also easy because manufacturers take care of such things while making these kinds of juicers. One may ask the question of why to use the centrifugal juicer simple answer to this question is because fruits like apple watermelons balance some form of cherries are easily converted into juice within a matter of seconds. People like me who need quick juicing always have a tendency to buy a centrifugal juicer instead of a juicer.

Centrifugal juicers are also known as fast juicers. These juicers are widely available and almost present in every kitchen of a household. These juicers are not recommended for the people who take juice after regular intervals instead casual juicing lovers may use this juicer for a quick glass of juice.

Prices of centrifugal juicers are low as compared with other types of juicers in the market. These juicers are the non-regular juicing people choose. These juicers also come with extra features as well depending upon the manufacturer of the juicer.

What is Masticating Juicing Machines 

You can also think of this question as what is slow juicer? because masticating juicers and slow juicers are the same. This is the third type of using the machine as we discussed earlier two types of Machines cold press juicer machine and centrifugal juicer machine. Masticating juicing machine takes Fruit and Vegetables through the chute. Auger is connected with Central motor of the juicer there is blades/auger rotating at slow speed.

masticating juicer works

It crushes the food and juice moves out from little holes into the juice collector. While the remaining pulp is exerted out of the juicer. Masticating juicers work at a very low speed and these juices are also known to reduce natural juice with all-natural ingredients.

Regular juice lovers like to use masticating juicers. Juicing machines are not very common among households. As compared with centrifugal juicer masticating juicer on 80 RPM or below depending upon the manufacturer.

Although it takes time to produce a glass of juice with a masticating juicer with high quality and quantity as pulp describes the story. Normally pulp produced by the masticating juicer is almost dry that means maximum juice and nutrients are extracted from fruits and vegetable. Masticating juicers in the medium range of prices as compared with centrifugal juicers but have lower prices as compared with cold press juicers.

Regular juice drinkers and nutritional-conscious people like to use juicers. Masticating juicers are also called slow juicers. During the rotation, vegetables are rotated on a screen having holes in it. All the juice moves of these holes into the juicing jug the remaining fruits and vegetables exalted out of the juicer that is called the pulp.

Takes place around 80 RPM to 100 RPM oxidation process do not take place. Due to this factor color of the juice and the natural taste of the juice as well as the natural ingredients remains intact. jucerz also has reviews on the masticating juicers if you need to read more about these.

Final words

Now as you know a major difference between masticating, cold press, and centrifugal juicers. Now you can easily choose the juicer as your need. But if you still think there is more guidance is required you may contact me in the comments or can send me a message via the contact us page.

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