Best juicer and mincer Tribest slowstar 2000 review Discover how it is better

Looking for multipurpose Juicers with Mincers? Tribest juicer and mincer is a hard choice because it has Pros and Cons too. Before jumping into the details note that it is not easy to wash but it produces perfect yield and has e modern features

Competitors claim to provide the best products with modern features that make cooking easy in the modern era. Tribest is one of the good brands that claim to provide healthy eating easy. In this article, I am focusing on the good and the bad in Tribest juicer Slowstar 2000.

Tribest Juicer and Mincer Review

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Juicer Name Buying Details
Tribest Juicer SW 2000 View on Amazon

Let’s jump straight into the Pros and Cons of the tribest juicer. I am observing right from unpacking the juicer and able to write this detailed review about the tribest juicer sw 2000 and juicer parts.

Pros and Cons of Tribest Juicer

Pros Cons
Easy to juice

Juicing with tribest slowstar is easier as I observed because it takes chunks of food and produces juice without any pushing of food and effort.

Jamming Issues of the juicer

According to many consumer reports, the juicer started jamming, and it needs some extra force to open it up.


Easy to assemble

Many juicers required special equipment to fix and assemble, but this tribest juicer is very easy to assemble. Even the mincer, along with the juicer, can easily set. If you are getting confused, then follow the manual available with the product.

Clogged and Cleaning Problem

Sometimes the pulp of fruits and vegetables gets in a clogging situation in the pulp basket. It becomes difficult to clean.


The duo blade feature of the juicer makes it easy to crush fruits and vegetables two times more than other juicers in the market. But the fact to consider it can mince too.



The juicer is very decent in making juices, but it requires a bit more time because this tribest juicer is slow speed masticating juicer.

It can be compromised as slow juicers provide healthier produce. But still, note that it is not a fast juicer.

A multipurpose product

As it has multi-tasking capacity I categories it as a multipurpose machine. It can juice and surely can mince the food. Note that mincer is removeable.


Safe to use

It is safe to use because it comes 100% BPA free. It is an extra edge of this juicer.


Tribest Juicer Slowstar 2000 Features

Before getting into the technical features let me share some operational features that I have observed in this juicer.

Operational Features 

Let’s check out the operational features of this juicer

Tribest Juicer Parts

tribest slowstar juicer parts

I have good working experience with this juicer. It is easy to assemble. After unboxing it hardly took 10 minutes to assemble it. Following is the list of the basic parts of tribest juicer

1 Mincing attachment 6 Juicing Screen
2 Juicing attachment 7 Double Edge Auger
3 Main body 8 Cleaning Brush
4 Pulp Container 9 Plunger
5 Pulp Wipping Assembly 10 Juice Strainer
11 Juice Container no.4

Assembling and using this juicer is easy. As it is a vertical juicer by design it increases the ease of use and also excels the juicing. You can find the assembling instructions on the juicer manual.

Cleaning up Tribest Juicer

I am using this juicer regularly for celery and apple juicing. The point to be noted is this juicer is not easy to clean. This not a malfunction. This is some times our own focus that we lack. As we juice any food, right after juicing we must clean our juicer but sometimes put it aside and think I may clean it in the evening.

Then what happens is all the remaining fiber gets dry and sticks with the parts of the juicer. Although there comes a brush in the box for addressing the issue but still removing dry fiber is an issue.

Silicone parts require additional attention while cleaning the juicer. As if silicon parts are not properly cleaned it affects the structure and mold. These parts include the pressure plug, sealing ring, and wiping-blade of the juicer. 

The juicing screen ensures only juice to be passed. The majority of the fiber component remains in the juicing screen. The juice screen requires attention while cleaning. It is a good practice to put the juicing screen in front of the light source and check all the holes are clean and clear.

One may ask the question if this juicer is dishwasher safe or not? A big no from me tribest slowstar sw 2000 is not dishwasher safe. If you are cleaning it you must disassemble it properly before cleaning. 

Juicing Experience

My personal juicing experience with this juicer is good. Because this juicer produces what it commits, a high yield of juice full of natural vitamins. How one can decide juice has the vitamins or not? The answer may be a chemical test but there is also a natural test for it and that is taste. After consuming natural juice I can easily identify the juice by its taste.

Quality and quantity are what tribes juicer has the main qualities. If you are consuming juice without natural enzymes that juice is nothing but a waste of money. Same way if your juicer cant process all the food it means it is wasting your money.

What Fruits and Vegetable masticating tribest juicer can process?

Juicing Capability

This juicer juices soft fruits and vegetables too like apples, pineapple watermelon, cucumber, garlic, pears, etc and also can juice citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruit, oranges, and limes. 

This juicer can Juice all sorts of food you may count thick fruits and vegetablesleafy greens, and citruses.

The Tribest SlowStar juicer can juice vegetables that have fiber in a structure like beets, turmeric, ginger, carrots, celery, and sweet potato.

And if you want to make pulp of fruits like mangoes, peach, avocado, kiwifruit, papaya, grapes, and berries, switch your top set with the mincer attachment.

You can also prepare soy and almond milk using the mincing attachment. It is required that Beans or nuts should be soaked overnight, so it’s soft enough for the juicer to process.

Tribest masticating juicer for celery

Celery Juicer

This tribest juicer is in the category of slow masticating juicing. Celery juice and masticating juicing have a direct relationship. Fast juicers do crush the celery but fast juicers cannot juice the celery with its true natural taste and enzymes.

Motor power with sharp blades has the capacity to crush and juice the celery. Celery has a fiber structure which makes it difficult to juice. While eating celery is easy as compared with juicing. If you want to juice celery your juicer must be a slow masticating style juicer.

Tribest slowstar 2000 is a vertical masticating juicer and has the capability to process the celery. Because slow masticating juicers squeeze and crush celery again and again till extraction of all the juice from celery.

We have a list of best juicer for celery if you want to take a quick look at celery juicing.

Juicing tips

  • Before juicing always ensure the preparations. Tribest juicer produces more juice if the fruits and vegetables are cut into pieces.
  • The second tip is to remove the peel of hard fruits and ensure seeds are also removed from fruits and vegetables before juicing because these parts of fruits and vegetables make the juice taste bitter.
  • Always wash the juicer after each juicing cycle.
  • By following these juicing tips juice tastes perfect also juicer remains in a safer condition.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Tribest Slowstar 2000 View on Amazon

Technical Features 

Tribest Slowstar 2000 comes with modern features. Some of the best features that make this product worth buying are as follows.

2-in-1 A Juicer and Mincer

The Tribest slow star 2000 high in rankings of juicers and mincer. The mincing attachment is available with the juicer to increase flexibility by turning a juicer into a mincer. The mincer quickly assembles and the juicer and lets you make your desired recipes.

 Power for Juicer and Mincer

The juicer and mincer have a 200-watt motor, and it includes a three-speed reduction control. This motor technology prevents the juicer from jamming and keeps it in good health. It produces 30lbs of torque that is twice the crushing force that normal juicers produce.

Working on Mincing Attachment

The mincing attachment converts your slow star juicer into a multipurpose solution provider. In a sudden juicer to the mincer. The assembling of the mincing extension is very easy, and it enables you to make your desired recipes.

Free from BPA

Plastic parts of juicers are commonly BPA free, BPA is not healthy. It has adverse effects on the brain and gland of fetuses. All Slowstar juicer parts are BPA-free that keeps you safe from any health issues. It will keep you safe and provides the best juicing experience.


This juicer and mincer are less noisy. It is quiet in operation. It is best for the entire family, and one can easily make juices in the morning. Most of the juicers are very loud, but Tribest slow star 2000 is quiet in juice production.

Prevention from leaks

The juicer’s main feature that appeals to me the most is the juice cap availability to prevent messy leaks. The juice cap is easily detachable and allows easy cleaning. Juicing becomes fun when it is secure to juice and easy to clean the juicer.

Double cutting Power

It comes with double-cutting action structures that will cut and crush fruits and vegetables twice better than other juicers because of double-edged blades. It is notable that the blades are also BPA free and are eight times stronger than plastics used in other slow juicers.


This juicer has a ten-year warranty on both parts and motor. It’s an extended period. You can easily demand in repairing of the juicer if you find any default in it. Support is good as the product is.


It is a comfortable fit for the kitchen because it is a vertical designed juicer. This juicer is 18 inches high and it is not advised to use in the shelve because of the height. The juicer’s design is impressive, although the chute width is narrow, and you need to cut the vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces to pass into the juicer.


Why tribest slowstar juicer?

Tribest is one of the prominent brands that are famous for manufacturing kitchen appliances to provide food safety. The products available are 100% BPA free. Tribest masticating juicer comes with two models, and the only difference between the models is the color.

One is black/red (2000) and black/silver (2020). The product has all the modern features that everyone requires the most. It is a new change in your kitchen life, and it helps you in juicing and mincing.

Multi-Function Approach

Everyone is looking up for a product that will perform more than one function. If you are looking up for the best juicer and mincer, then Tribest slow star 2000 is considered one of the best options available in the market. It has with a 200 watt of motor that includes three stages of speed reduction gears.

The juicer and mincer type is slow masticating that allows slow extraction of juices with minimum oxidation compared to centrifugal juicers. The best part of this juicer is the double blades that provide accurate cutting action compared to other juicers. It extracts juice easily with less pulp.

What makes it unique

One of the unique features that make it outstanding from other juicers is the mincing attachment. It will increase the versatility of the juicer by including a mincing extension. Attaching the component of mincing with the juicer will allow the buyer to create favorite recipes that involve chopping and make different sauces and much more.

With all the great features, one thing that makes me worry is cleaning the juicer and mincer. We all are aware that some of the juicers need hard cleaning and some extra tips. Tribest Slowstar cleaning is effortless because the cold press juicer comes along with a cap that prevents leakage and dripping, and it is also detachable, which makes it easy to clean. Just put it under tap water and easily clean out the juicer and mincer.

The main aim of the Tribest is to make healthy living easy by manufacturing unique and advanced features products. The brand is famous for built-up all the latest features that we all need. Slowstar 2000 is best for juicing and also for mincing purposes.

A mincing attachment is available along with the juicer that makes it a multipurpose tool that will allow you to create your favorite recipes. It is best for the entire family, you must wonder why I use the term “entire family” because the juicer’s operation is noise-free.

One can easily use it to make juices in the morning without disturbing the whole family. Hence, if you want to buy a perfect multipurpose product that will allow you to juice and mincing, then Tribest slow star 2000 is the best option for you.

Tribest Juicer Specifications

Type Masticating juicer
Juice quality Excellent
Material Plastic (100% BPA free)
 Design Vertical
  Noise Very low
Size of chute 2.5 x 1.5 inches
  Best for Hard fruits & vegetables, nuts, wheatgrass, leafy greens
Warranty 10 years

Tips for Using Tribest Slowstar 2000

  1. In order to clean the juicer, I recommend cleaning it as soon as possible. Make sure to clean it right after use it for juicing and mincing. Otherwise, the pulp sticks to the plastic in the jug, and it becomes difficult to clean if it gets dry.
  2. This juicer comes with a cleaning brush. It is very helpful while removing the sticking from the juicer. This brush has plastic tentacles that help in removing the pulp from the juicer.
  3. To use this juicer at maximum, make sure to cut vegetables and fruits. It is like you are helping the juicer to produce the best results.
  4. Turn by turn and slow process of the ingredients in the juicer as it will help it to process things quickly.
  5. Make sure not to overload the juicer and mincer. By using this tip, the juicer’s plastic parts will last longer.
  6. Make sure to tight the juicer to avoid the mess and any juice leakages around.
  7. Many consumers report that the juicer clogged. Clogging takes place as food fibrous in nature is processed it may include celery, pineapple cores, and wheatgrass.
  8. Make sure to cut these ingredients into small portions.
  9. After finished juicing, it is a tip to wait until juice and pulp stop moving from the pulp’s ejection port and take it out before switching off the juicer’s power.

If you follow the recommendations mentioned above, your juicer parts will last longer, and the motor will remain stable as well. For more details, you may visit the official website of this product.

Final Verdict

Tribest Slowstar 2000 is not for novices as it is a bit puzzling in procedure. It is also recognized as a versatile product. It comes with a mincer attachment. There are other juicers available in the market that are very easy to use for beginners.

If you are looking up for the most durable juicer, Slowstar 2000 is one of the best available options. It is available with 2-in-1 features that will allow juice and help you make other recipes like sauces and much more.

The features available in the product are special. It allows you to extract the juice, and also, the mincing attachment enables the buyer to make sauces. The mincing extension is available with the juicer that is very easy to assemble.

 The product’s material is plastic, and the jug’s cleaning is easy if cleaned as soon as possible. The chunks of fruits and vegetables are stacked in the plastic jar if not cleaned on time. It is not dishwasher safe but available with a brush that will ease the cleaning process.

It is one of the juicers available that is easy to clean, easy to assemble, and comes with a duo-blade that easily crushes out the fruits and vegetables for the best juice and mincing. Two models are available of the same brand, and the only difference is the color.

All the features are the same in both products. In the article, I give a detailed review of the product and complicated features, likes, and dislikes. I hope it will help you in knowing about Tribest Slowstar 2000. To check out more product reviews, stay tuned to our website.

FAQs for tribest juicer and mincer

Asked Frequently
Does tribest juicer sw200 juices the wheatgrass?
Yes tribest juicer juices the wheat grass. The reason is it is a slow masticating juicer and can juice fibrous vegetables. But juicing the wheatgrass may lead you to clog the juicer if not cleaned properly.
What is warranty for tribest juicer and mincer?
This juicer has warranty for 10 years, further details can be obtained from thier official website.
How long continuously shall i use this juicer?
This juicer is not recommended to be used as commercial juicer. You can use this machine continuously for up to 15 minutes. After that motor must rest a while.
How to make Coconut Milk with this juicer?
Yes coconut milking is possible with this juicer. Drain all the water/coconut juice. Break the cocnut cover/shell and cut it into pieces. Put piece in mince and add slight water. There you go cocnut milk is ready for you.
Can you put nuts in it for nut paste?
Answer is Yes you can process nuts in this mincer to make peanut butter of almond milk etc

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