How to use a juicer a complete guide for everyone


How to use a juicer is a common question asked but most of the time it is not responded to technically. People tend to use generic terms while responding to this question. While there are more than one factors to consider while answering, how to use a juicer.

Answering how to use a juicer must include architecture, assembling the juicer, juicing specific fruit and vegetable, types of juicers, cleaning juicer and obviously ratio of production as compared with the waste products, safety measures, what is allowed to juice and how to clean the juicer

jucier machine parts how to use a juicer

Juicing Cycle How to use a Juicer

Drinking juice and making juice is a complete and well-planned activity. Certainly, drinking a glass of juice is an objective that one may set for himself or herself. For this objective first step is to get a juicer for juicing certain fruit or vegetable. After having a juicer in the there is a juicing cycle to have a glass of juice.

In the following section, you will learn how this juicing cycle works and how it relates to the question of how to juice?

Buying a Juicing machine for your daily use

Buying a juicer is not a regular part of the juicing cycle. It happens not very frequently but discussing this step is very important. Before buying a juicer you must know the objective of your juicing campaign. If you select a juicer that cannot fill your demand you can suffer to lose money and time.

One may ask how to choose the best juicer? For this purpose, a detailed juicer buying guide is available for you. But for making things brief you need to look for the type of juicer either masticating juicer, quick juicer, manual juicer, mechanical juicer, or electric juicer.  Sometimes juicers are fruit or vegetable oriented like there are specialized juicers for the celery, Juicers for citrus, lemon juicers etc.

There are also factors except for a need. These factors include a warranty, cleaning time, juice produce, size, electrical standards, manufacturing materials, waste produce, type of juicer, price, extra capabilities, ease to use, and vertical or horizontal design.

Using Juice extractor and Safety Measures

First thing first you must know the safety hazards. Technically there are two types of hazards related to using a juicer machine.

  1. Electrical hazards
  2. Mechanical hazards

Electrical hazards are very dangerous they can cause life-threatening events. Electrical hazards can also damage your expensive equipment. Voltage variation is common among various countries. While assembling the juicer always make sure the power switch is off and the power cord is not plugged in. The same applies while disassembling the juicer.

Make sure about the voltage. Your juicer working voltage and local voltage may vary. Due to this difference majority of electromechanical devices suffer. Read the manual carefully and provide voltage as per requirements. Otherwise, you may lose your juicing machine.

On the other hand, there are also mechanical hazards. These include mishandling the juicing equipment and mishandling during the juicing process. While using juicer electric or manual juicer make sure all parts are placed perfectly at their place.

Researchers have found the primary reason for mechanical hazards is improper assembling. It is also common to ensure not to touch blades or blades like equipment of the juicer. While using cold press juicers keep your hand and fingers away from the juicing spot.

Unpacking the Juicing Equipment

Do you keep your juicer packed after juicing? No, no problem many keep the juicer packed. In juicing cycle and answering the question of how to use a juicer it is practically the first step to address. Unpacking a new juicing machine.

Many people do not check the instructions written on the juicer packing and they try to open the juicing machine box by their own method. That can damage the juicer and even you can get hurt as there are sharp parts of the juicer inside the pack.

It is good to follow the instructions given on the box on how to open the pack. Another benefit of proper operation is the box remains intact and for longer use, you can pack the juicer again. It is great to handle while if you want to take your juicer to another location.

It is recommended to pack your juicer after juicing, cleaning, and drying.

Assembling and Using a Juicer Machine

Depending upon the type and design of the juicing machine, the assembling process of a juicer varies. Assembling is the primary step while using a juicer machine. How to assemble a juice extractor? The best answer is in the box of the juicer. Each juicer box contains a user manual and that user manual contains detailed instructions about assembling the juice extractor.

If we discuss the electric juicers there is always a motor part having a central shaft that rotates the auger or the main blade. Food is crushed or pressed by the main part of the juicing machine connected with the motor.  Blade or auger is installed in the motor at a given place.

Food chute is commonly placed over the processing part through this chute pieces of fruits and vegetables and directed into the processing zone. The chute is assembled with the processing zone.

The juice comes out of the juicing nozzle depending upon the design of the juicer and moves into the juicing container. Same way pulp goes into the pulp container.

Practically speaking assembling is the main task, if you can assemble your juicer properly you can have a good glass of juicer quickly.

Preparing Food for Juice extraction machine

Preparing food is an essential step and juicing has a direct relation with how to use a juice extractor. Food preparation for juicing includes following steps

  • Use Fresh food
  • Washing the Fruits and Vegetables
  • Cutting as per need
  • Juicing

Always use seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables for the juicing. Fresh food has a natural taste and healthy elements as compared with non-seasonal food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to peel and clean. More quality with high quantity juice is produced as fresh fruits are consumed.

While using a juicing machine to juice fruits and vegetables ensure there is no dust or other elements with the fruits and vegetables. Wash it properly with water. Don’t use any other chemical to wash the fruits and vegetables. People do not wash the fruits or vegetables having peel around. But the good practice is to was even peeling is required by this way can get rid of germs on the external surface.

Food Processing Relation with Using Juicing Machine

Mainly juice extractor takes chunks of food and after applying juicing mechanism produces the juice. While learning how to use a juice extractor you must explore this. You must know how your juicing machine receives food. In this regard, there are two broads categories one processes the chunks of food and the other one is the whole food processor.

The primary difference between these two categories is the nature of the juicer. If your juicer has a wide chute and has a powerful motor with strong processing blades, you can process the whole fruit. On the other hand, in order to reduce the processing power on the motor, it is always advised to use the cut fruits and vegetables for the juicing.

So, you must know your juicer before using it and this is my objective to provide you all the relevant concepts.

 Working of Juicer machine and Juice Production

How juicer works and produces juice is a major relational subject to be understood. What main product do we require from a juicing machine? Yes, definitely quality juice. Now there is a difference between the juice and the quality juice. And this especially depends upon the juicer either it provides juice or quality juice.

Best juicing machines do keep the healthy ingredients of fruits and vegetables intact while juicing. A juice having all the natural enzymes and ingredients is ranked as a quality juice. While on the other hand there are juicers that do produce juice but that juice cannot be categorized as quality juice. The difference is well explained above.

Always understand the working and production of the juicer. If the product has no quality that determines the juicer has any quality. Mainly quality varies because of the technology and processing and filtering capabilities of the juicing machine. These capabilities decide how to juice extractor works.

Pulp and Useless Fiber

Another important part of the juicing cycle and understanding the how juicing machine works query, is the pulp production. The pulp is the remaining of the fruits and vegetables after passing through the processing zone of the juicing equipment.

As the juicer exerts power on the fruits and vegetable juice from the food is extracted and it passes to the juicing container while the remaining of the food is exerted out the juicer. As normally remaining have the useless fibers.

In this part of the juicer working cycle, you should note juicers that produce less and dry pulp are categorized as quality juicers because lesser drier pulp means more quality juice. While on the other hand if the juicer is producing more pulp or chunks of food it means it is wasting the food and the juice has poor quality.

How to wash and Use a Juicing Equipment

One of the important cycling steps of juicing is cleaning your juicing machine. Every time you use the juicer it is advised to clean immediately and let the parts get dry. It helps to increase the life of the juicer.

 The question may arise what is the relation between the washing and juicer life? It is very simple as you juice fruits and vegetable microfibers of the foods remain inside the juicer and it sticks. Rotatory parts of the juicers cannot perform well because of the dry fiber and it also can block the juice filtration parts. Due to these reasons quantity of juice production gets affected.

How to wash? Is a simple step. You disassemble the juicer and wash each part of the juicer in warm water with soap. But one important thing to keep in mind is to check either your juicer is dishwasher safe or not? For this consult the manual of the juicer.

Do not put the electromechanical parts of the juicer in the soapy water. You can simply clean these parts by rinsing them with a soft cloth. After washing let each part of the juicer get dry properly and after drying pack your juicer.

Multipurpose Juicer Operations while Using a Juice Extractor

Nowadays juice producing machines come with more than juicing options. Juicing machines can do mincing, chopping, blending, grinding and a lot more operations. When you have a multi-purpose machine you should first understand the assembling of each part of the juicer. Proper assembling can give you the required functionality and food processing.

Secondly, you should understand the operational feature of each part of the juicing equipment. If you are not aware of the working potential of your machine you may not be able to get the desired results. The best possible way to understand this opportunity you should go through the vendor website, manual, and if available youtube channel.

Multi-purpose machines are blessings but with some tradeoffs. These machines can help you to solve your kitchen requirements very quickly but these machines are not easy to operate. These machines also require extra money to obtain and sustain.

What is Good for Juicer

Before using or buying a juice extractor you must explore a bit. You must know what you are going to juice either it is a fruit, vegetable, leafy green, hard-skinned, non-peel able, or what kind of food. Many of us do not try to explore a bit and always go for the juicer which cannot process the required fruit or vegetable properly.

There are three major types of juicing masticating juicers, non-masticating juicers, and citrus juicers. So, while exploring how to use a juicer you must know the type of juicing machine. Like if you are using a juicer for the leafy greens or celery you may go for the masticating juicers. Masticating juicers are also known as slow juicing machines. Like the same way if you want to juice apple you may go for a quick juice extractor.

Let me tell you a very interesting fact, you can juice any fruit or vegetable with any type of juicing device slow or quick but you definitely will note the difference. As for celery, you cannot use the quick juicers although it will process the celery you will not get the juice that you are looking for.

Types of Juice Extractors and Using Techniques

Following are the types of juicing machines that are available in the market. I am going to discuss each of them in the following discussion

  • Manual Juicing Machines
  • Electric Juicing Equipment
  • Masticating Juicing Range

Let’s discuss the usage of each type of juicing equipment in the following section

 How to Use a Manual Juicer Machine

Technically manual juicing machines are machines that do not use electricity for the juicing operations. Instead, these machines are operated by humans to have fresh juice. Manual juicers are not a common choice for the juice loves as it takes not only human efforts but also additional time for the food preparations.

Manual juicing machines work on very simple algorithms. These machines exert push on the fruits and vegetables and produce the juice. Produce is not always 100 percent the same, as human force varies all the time. These machines are easy to handle and carry. You can use these machines anywhere in the outdoors as these machines are not energy-dependent.

Manual juicing machines are commonly used for citrus and fruits that produce juice by pressing and pushing the fruits. You have to cut the fruits into pieces and by pressing a lever pressure is exerted over the fruits. Fruit juice moves out through small pores and the remaining is counted as pulp. A good physical effort is required to have a glass of juice by using manual juicing equipment.

How to Use Electric Juicer Equipment

Electric Juicing machines work with electricity as you can see in the title. These machines have motors installed in them. These motors rotate the main juicing part of the machine. These rotating parts can be the auger or the main juicing blades. With the power of the motor, it crushes the fruits and vegetables and rotates them as well to produce juice.

Electric voltage for the motor varies from country to country in terms of voltage. You must check the manual voltage instructions before using the juicing equipment. An incorrect power supply may damage your machine on permanent grounds. Higher the motor power will be quicker juice will be made by the juicer. These juicers are required to be used after certain intervals of time. As commercial usage is not advised for such juicing machines.

Using these juicing machines is very easy all you need to do is to wash the fruits and vegetables. If required to peel then do it. Ather that pass the food to the chute and within a minute juice is ready for you. Some critics say quick juicing is not good as the food is crushed and rotated at high speeds majority of natural content is lost due to high-speed movement.

How to use Masticating juicer

Masticating juicing machines are different from manual and electric juicing equipment. These machines crush the food again and again. Normally have the auger inside these machines. Auger is connected with a motor but the rotations are very low as compared with the electric juicing machines.

You have to prepare the fruits and vegetables for juicing with the masticating juicing machines. And have to pass it to the food processing area. There fruits and vegetables are rotated and crushed by applying the electric force. By this method, no juice is left behind and all the food content is converted into the juice.

Quality juice is produced but it takes a bit of time to process the food and that is the only factor that some people do not like about the masticating juicing machines.


Always select the juicing machine of your need and the types of food you are going to juice. Do follow the necessary precautions to avoid any unforeseen incident with you and your equipment. Use your juicing machine for juicing and if it has additional features must study before using those features. Always ensure to clean the juicing machine after each juicing cycle.


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