How to make apple juice why apple juice is good for you

How to make apple juice? Making apple juice is very easy but there are two ways to make it. One is making juice without a juicer and in the second method, the juicer is required for this objective. In the following section, I am going to discuss all the techniques for apple juice extraction. In the following write up you are going to learn how to preserve apple juice for a longer period of time and many more things related to apple juice.

I love to have apple juice in the morning with my breakfast. There are countless benefits of apples and fresh apple juice but before getting into the benefits let me explain the method how to make fresh apple juice with a juicer.

How to make apple juice with a juicer Step by Step

Making apple juice is greatly easy and fun because of you have a good juicer then you need nothing but apples to juice. I like to have apple juice in pure form. I do not like to mix honey or any sort of taste enhancer. What I have learned from my career is to have juice with more natural purity at maximum. Natural taste cannot be compared with anything else.

As you know only required items are a good juicer and apples. I am using a juicer recommended by the jucerz team year ago. It is a quick juicer and prepares the juice within seconds. If you are looking forward to having a good glass of apple juice daily it is recommended for you as well. You may check it on amazon and you will find it easily.

Another fact that I like to mention is this juicer is easy to wash and it is dishwasher safe. It saves me a maximum of time as it is easy to assemble and disassemble. What I normally do is wash the juicer right after the juicing and allow its parts to get dry. After that, I assemble it again. It increases the juicer’s life and performance and it also juices taste always the same.

Essential Steps to have Apple Juice

Make sure to have fresh apples in your basket. Someone may ask how to ensure Apples are fresh or not? It is very simple to know. Just by taking a look at the peel of an apple, you can easily guess apple is fresh or not. Normally non-fresh apples have non shiny skin and also wrinkles tell the story. Fresh apples can produce high-quality juice full of taste and nutrients.

apple juice glass

Clean the Apples before making juice. With the passage of time, people are using various methods to preserve fruits and vegetables for business objectives. But chemicals and substances used for this purpose are not good for human health. One of such methods includes using wax on the apples. You must ensure to rinse the apples with clean water multiple times.

It’s time to cut the apple half in size or even in the smaller sizes depending upon the chute size of your juicer. My juicer has a good capacity of over two inches wide chute. So, I normally cut the apple in half and put it in the juicer. Wider juicing chute size saves your time and juice preparation time decreases as you don’t have to cut the apples into smaller pieces.

Now remove the seeds from the pieces of apple. This step varies from person to person. Some people just consume the apples with the seeds while some people like me essentially remove the seeds of the apples. There are harmful substances in the seed of the apple and personally don’t like such things in my juice. So it’s just completely your own decision to take.

Don’t fill the juicing jar or jug completely. Better to make batches of apple pieces for juicing. Turn on your juicing equipment. As you can see foamy juice is ready for you in a matter of seconds and all full of good health and natural fine taste. Enjoy apple fresh juice any time by using a good juicing machine.

Note it is good to add half a cup of water in the juicers along with apple pieces otherwise, the juice may become thick and for adding more nutrition and taste you may use honey in the apple juice. A pro tip for pro juicers.

Apple Juice Maker

There are many options in the market but if you are reading this it means you are looking for a good quality juicer and jucerz do the same. We analyze and recommend juicers after testing various factors of juicers including juice yield, quality of juice, and reliability. There are more factors regarding juicers if you want to know more about the grading factors of juicers you can explore more. 

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How to Maintain the Color of Juice?

Juicing experts recommend consuming juice extremely fresh. Commonly it is seen apple juice changes its color in a matter of minutes. You can preserve the fresh color of juice. It’s very easy to do. For this purpose, you require fresh lemon and just add few drops to your glass. It will help to maintain the good color of the juice. A pro tip for juicers. Enjoy your healthy juicing habits with jucerz.

What is in the Apple? Nutritional Facts of Apple Juice

Let’s explore the chemistry of the Apple. Yes, all about the basics of the apple. In other words nutrition in the Apple. Combination of content that makes apple is in the following section. Nature has great chemistry and all this chemistry for our benefits

Apple has sweetened chemicals including Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose. The main components of apple are water and carbohydrates. These components provide us energy and also keep our hydration to some extent.

There are also polyphenol counts in the Apple. With this chemical composition and sugary content can you guess the glycemic index for Apple? The Glycemic index for Apple is very low that is 7 that makes it a very healthy food for us.

The question may arise in your mind, how Apple is healthy food? The fiber in the Apple is great food for our body. There are approximately 4 grams of fiber in 100 grams of apple. This fiber makes us feel full and allows the body to control blood sugar and it is also apple plays a very helpful role in the case of digesting food.

.Apple contains antioxidant characteristics as well because it contains Vitamin C in it. Apple is a great food heart because of potassium. Apple is a heart-friendly natural remedy or food. People said “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away” which is a perfect saying about the apple.

Benefits of Apple Juice why apple juice is good for you

juice benefits are versatile and important for good healthy living. In the following section, I am discussing the major benefits of juice in a summarized way.

red apples in basket

Apple Juice for Skin

Skincare is one of the main aspects to look beautiful. Apple helps us to maintain skin care in the following ways

  • Complexion Improvements
  • Keeps the skin hydrated as it has a good proportion of water in it
  • Ultraviolet rays are not good for skin, Apple keeps skin protected
  • Facing Acne problem? Use apple juice regularly and see results
  • Toned Skin is a wish of every young person, Apple juice can help you to get and maintain
  • helps you to get rid of dark circles around the eyes
  • juice is a skin moisturizer as it has water in it

Juice for Weight loss

Dietary fiber is abundant in apple juice. It is the most effective weight-loss beverage available. Fiber makes you feel fuller for longer, preventing you from overeating or snacking on unhealthy foods. Apple juice also contains flavonoids, which aid in weight loss.

What you need to do is to avoid filtering the this juice while making glass for you and there you go all good fiber is ready to support you to lose weight.

Apple Juice for gallstones

This juice is also used to cure gallstones. This is because apple juice is thought to weaken gallstones and aid in their passage. This argument gained traction after a letter published in 1999 detailed an anecdotal account of a woman passing gallstones by drinking apple juice.

Juice for males

There is a direct relationship between apple juice and male health. Scientists found during an experiment if a male consumes 50 grams of apple a day his blood circulation improves and due to antioxidant compounds in apple health improves naturally.

Due to a good source of fiber and sugar, it helps you to have stomach full meals and provides healthy ingredients for heart health improvement. That is essential for every human being.

Juice good for brain functions

This juice helps your memory to get better. Apple has antioxidant properties and helps for good blood circulation. According to animal studies, apple juice can help protect memory and other aspects of brain health as people age. Antioxidants can help to handle neural damages research shows.

Preliminary human research indicates that it can help people with Alzheimer’s disease improve their behavior and mental health.

How to make Apple Juice without a Juicer

Yes, you can make Apple juice without a juicer. Here is a recommended ancient technique. Yes in old days there were no juicers there were techniques for juicing the fruits.

Reciepie for making apple juice at home

03 Red Apples
Peel Apples
Remove Seeds
Water needed 5 cups
1/4 Cup Sugar(white) needed

Let’s Make Apple Juice

apple juice and apples

Clean the saucepan. Add 5 cups of water and keep it stirring. Put the peelings and cores into a pan and let the water boil. Keep stirring the water. After the water boiled reduce the heat to simmer. Simmering should continue until the water gets the color and flavor of the apple. It takes a maximum of 30 minutes to produce the desired results. Keep checking the color and taste of the water.

As desired taste and color comes up remove the solid remains of the apple and add the sugar 1/4 cup into the water. Ensure to stir until the sugar gets mixed completely into the juice.

Let your home made juice get cool. Enjoy healthy and tasty juice.


If used excessively and without proper exercise, juice may not benefit you. Instead, you may gain more weight. As Apple has sugar as contained in it.

Consuming too much Apple juice is not good for teeth health. Sugar present in the juice removes the teeth protection and also can make cavities in teeth due to the natural gargling habits of humans.

It is very common now to use pesticides for fruits and vegetables. These pesticides are enhancing the fruits and vegetables and also production has become quick as to serve the population. On the other hand, these pesticides are damaging our health as well.

Apples are also grown using pesticides and even pesticides are used to increase the life of the apples and in order to make them look more shiny wax is used. Always make sure to wash the apple properly at least to get rid of chemicals present on the outer surface.


It may look easy to juice apples and consume them but the important thing to learn is to consume juice regularly and exercise regularly. It is the only way to attain your health objectives. Both parts are essential. Healthy food with regular exercising routines keeps you healthy and fit.


Is 100 Percent Apple Juice Good for you?

This juice is a great source of natural nutrients. It contains healthy fibers and sugar. But as Apple is converted into juice and to fill a glass you need more than one apple to do that. This way juice contains more high concentrations of sugar and other minerals. Consuming such high concentrated juice regularly may damage the human body. Always use Apple juice by mixing good proportions of water.

What is the best time to drink apple juice?

The best time to drink this juice is early in the morning. Consume it 15 minutes before breakfast.  The technical reason behind this is as we get up our body seeks food to raise the energy levels for the day. And if you consume this  juice it will definitely provide good nutrients and the maximum of these nutrients will be utilized by the body.

Why apple juice is so cheap?

This question has two parts. One is if you are trying to calculate the apple juice while making juice at home and the second part relates to the industrial production of apple juice.

By considering option one, Apples are not such a rare fruit. Tons of Apples are produced around the globe. Everyone has easy access to apples and cheap to buy as well. So making this juice is less costly to make at home.

In terms of industrial production keeping, freezing and processing cost is less as compared with the other juicing fruits. That is a reason why this juice is cheap.

Which apple juice is healthiest?

I will not jump to any Apple juice-producing brand. Instead, I am sharing with you the way you can guess the best apple juice among the bunch of juices. First of all, check the ingredients label and find sugar concentration. Sugar concentration low means it is good for you. After sugar check quantity of Vitamin A and E are present or not. If present it’s good juice for you.

When apple juice expires?

If it is in a can it expires in 6 to 9 months with life apple juice in a bottle is from 2 to 3 months. Another factor that has an impact on the life of juice is temperature. The higher the temperature is higher are chances that  juice may expire early. Apple juice is advised to be kept in the refrigerator if you are looking to use it for longer periods.

Fresh  juice recommended to be consumed as early as possible as with the passage of time fiber of juice keeps floating on the top and decolorization also takes place and taste also changes a bit. There is a remedy to overcome this issue, if you use few drops of lemon in the fresh juice it will sustain its color and taste for more time span than normal.

How many calories in apple juice?

100 Grams of an apple contains approx 46 calories. These calculations are for the unsweetened apple. In 8oz of Apple juice, there are approximately 110 calories.

Is apple juice good for constipation?

You can take this juice as a home remedy for constipation. But it is good practice to consult a doctor before jumping to a remedy. This juice has fructose, glucose, and sorbitol that is helpful for addressing constipation. The important thing to note is to avoid high doses as it may cause intestinal discomfort.

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