How to freeze spinach for smoothie know the simple techniques

Act smart by acknowledging how to freeze spinach for smoothies and plan a healthy execution. Three easy-to-use methods have been explained in a detailed way.

Spinach is the power-packed component of a perfect diet plan because of its high nutritious values. A fitness enthusiast must take spinach daily to keep up the good health.Spinach is the power-packed component of a perfect diet plan because of its high nutritious values. A fitness enthusiast must take spinach daily to keep up the good health.

But fresh spinach has less lifespan and turns brown and soggy even in the refrigerator. You might be thinking that there should be some hacks to preserve the leafy greens. Want to know?


After empowering you with the relevant information, Let us now talk over our article’s theme; how to freeze spinach for smoothies? There are several ways to stretch the life of your leafy greens, but we have got some of the best ways to freeze spinach for smoothies. Check them out and decide which one meets your expectations.


You may kill many hours on the internet while exploring how to freeze greens for smoothies. The tiresome research may still not lead you to your objective. Believe it or not! Spinach cubes are the magical ingredients that can turn a dull and unpleasant drink into a healthy, glamorous smoothie.

It is not necessary to buy fresh spinach, particularly for making these cubes. You can also execute the procedure with the leftover leafy greens. Follow the simple step by step instructions of this life-saving hack.


  • Baby spinach
  • Coconut water or simple water


  • Wash the baby spinach thoroughly to get rid of dirt and other harmful elements. Make sure that your spinach leaves are completely clean before entering the second step. Proper rinsing of the greens is a crucial step because even a little amount of dirt and dust can destroy your smoothies.
  • Leave your bathed spinach for some time and let the extra water dry up. You can also pat dry the leaves to save your time.
  • Now add the baby spinach leaves to the blender with a little amount of coconut water. You can also use simple water for this purpose.
  • Blend the combination to get a smooth and thick paste. If the puree comes off too thick, add in some extra fluid to achieve the desired consistency.
  • For best results, the texture of the spinach mixture should not be too dense or runny.
  • Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and let them sit in the freezer until solid.

Left with some puree in the blender? Please don’t waste it; make a refreshing drink with the unfrozen mixture and enjoy it. The freezing time of the cubes depends upon your chiller. Typically, it takes about 4 hours to obtain a solid spinach cube.

You may also like to know about Best Juicers for greens as an added advantage with spinach juice.


Save your garden spinach with the next phenomenal technique. Read further and get an answer to how to freeze kale and spinach for smoothies. This hack involves a blanching procedure that extends spinach life for a very long duration.


  • Baby spinach or any other spinach leaves.
  • Water


  • Start the procedure by cleaning the spinach leaves. Eliminate the soggy or brown leaves from the bunch and remove their stems. Rinse the leaves about three times to subtract all the dirt and debris.
  •  Subsequently, tear the bigger leaves into smaller pieces.
  • Give a quick blanch to the leaves. You can also steam them. Avoid overcooking the leaves, as it may evacuate all the essential nutrients. The overdone leaves tend to lose their natural color, nutrients, and tenderness.
  • After steaming or blanching, give them an ice bath to end the cooking procedure. The shocking method will retain thefascinating green color of the leaves.
  • Remove the spinach from the ice water and let it dry. A salad spinner aids best for this purpose. Don’t have a salad spinner? No worries, use a towel and dry your processed leaves.
  • Place the desired portions of spinach leaves in zip-lock storage bags. Remove the excess air with the help of a straw to avoid freezer burn. The quantity of leaves per pack depends upon your daily requirement for spinach smoothie.

Take out a frozen spinach bag, put it into the blender, and enjoy the taste of freshly-picked spinach every time.

Both of the above-listed procedures are simple and convenient. Pick up the one that suits you.


We are introducing you to the most simple and super convenient method to freeze spinach. Try the steamed spinach smoothie pucks and compress all the goodness in a cup.

spinach in a cup
How to freeze spinach


  • Baby spinach leaves
  • Water
  • Parchment paper
  • Baking tray


  • Give a good bath to your baby spinach leaves. Remove the rotten ones, if any.
  • Let them dry
  • Steam the leaves with a steamer. You can also customize a steamer by placing a colander in a large vessel of boiling water.
  • Put the washed and dried leaves in your steamer and steam it for about a minute.
  • Line up the baking tray with parchment paper.
  • Take a measuring cup and fill it up with the steamed leaves.
  • Flip it over on the baking tray lined with parchment paper. The smoothie pucks will attain the size of your measuring cup.
  • Leave some gaps between them.
  • Refrigerate the baking tray until the steamed spinach gets solid.
  • Remove the steamed spinach pucks from the tray and store them in a zip-top bag.


Using frozen spinach in smoothies is the perfect way to go. Even the kids will love to help you with this convenient kitchen chore. Ditch the ice and put the frozen spinach straight into the blender. There is no need to defrost the fragile greens before blending. Further, you can compile the frozen veggie with fruits to increase the nutrition level. Besides this, it works as a natural sweetener and reduces the bitterness of leafy greens.

What are you waiting for? Freeze greens for smoothies and fuel your body with a healthy and nutritious drink every day.


A single glass of spinach smoothie can bring extraordinary health benefits to your body. The miraculous green veggie is an excellent source of iron. The regular intake of spinach smoothie can kick off the need for additional iron supplements. Moreover, it provides an adequate amount of calcium and magnesium to execute vital body functions.

Apart from bringing health and fitness, the healthful drink helps in fighting against various diseases. Regular use of green veggies prevents Asthma and inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In addition to this, it also aids in lowering blood pressure and diabetes management.

As if not enough? The fiber content in spinach improves bowel movements to prevent constipation. Furthermore, the consumption of spinach smoothies guarantees radiant skin and healthy hair.

People also like to juice greens and spinach Best Juicers for spinach May help you to have one for your kitchen.


Spinach smoothie serves as a satisfying and nourishing meal that is suitable for all ages. Breakfast is the ideal time to obtain the most benefits of this admirable drink. The green smoothie is undoubtedly the best way to start a day with plenty of vitamins and minerals. It also keeps you energetic for the whole day.

The next best time for your spinach smoothies is lunchtime. The short lunch breaks and appetites can direct you to the junk food. Frozen spinach smoothies can deliver the appropriate calories to satisfy your cravings in a flash.

However, having a spinach smoothie as dinner might not be a good suggestion. The quick digestion of green smoothies may cause gastric issues in some individuals.


Our busy and tedious schedules leave us with limited time and less energy. The shortage of time makes it challenging for us to take good care of our health. Especially the health of growing kids needs more attention. The current situation calls for some quick and convenient tips to promote a healthy diet with ease. Freezing fresh spinach for smoothies can help you a lot in this race against time.

Almost every nutritionist recommends the worthy leafy vegetable spinach due to its infinite advantages to the human body. But the rapid rotting of the vegetable doesn’t favor its frequent consumption. Regular visiting of the grocery store is also not possible. As a result, we seek some smart storing hacks to preserve the spinach without losing its praiseworthy nutrients.

Besides this, most of us find it difficult or unpleasant to eat raw vegetables while there is a risk of losing nutrients by cooking them. Preparing smoothies is the latest trendy solution that compresses all vital elements in a single glass. Give a good start to your day by having a spinach smoothie in the morning and stay fit.

Can I freeze spinach for smoothies? This is the most frequently asked question. Well, the answer to this is affirmative. We have accumulated all the fundamental data that will let you know how to freeze spinach for smoothies. But, before this, check out the associated information and get retorted to every query in your mind.


Spinach plays a vital role in promoting your health. Despite having crucial vitamins and minerals, it also contains phytochemicals and bioactive substances. These fundamental elements help in curing and fighting against various diseases beyond providing nourishment.

But, munching raw spinach can give you a tough time. And what about the little fellows? They will never agree to chew a single leaf. This troublesome condition leads you to the next phase that is cooking the spinach. Different mouth-watering recipes can add flavor to the leafy greens, but heating may destroy its functional elements.

Spinach smoothies emerge as a dominant solution that promotes an easy and flavorful intake without disturbing the nutritional values. Let us move on with the discussion on how to freeze fresh spinach for smoothies.


The next question that triggers your mind is why you should freeze spinach for smoothies? The below-listed pieces of evidence will give a convincing explanation for this interrogation. 

Firstly, freezing greens for smoothies prevents spoilage and expands their natural life considerably. Fresh spinach can last up to three days, sitting in the refrigerator, while the smart freezer storage can make it usable for up to a month or above.

Secondly, freezing spinach for smoothies can save you from ruining time, and it also prevents the tedious surveying for the grocery store.

Finally, frozen spinach smoothies are found with a more creamy texture than regular spinach smoothies. This is because, by blending raw spinach, the pieces of the leafy green separates from the fluid, turning into a liquidy sludgy mess.

This consistency of the spinach does not encourage a perfect smoothie. On the other hand, frozen spinach cubes assist best to achieve the desired density and texture.

 Above all, frozen spinach in smoothies can add a chilling factor to your drinks without diluting them. At the same time, the addition of ordinary ice cubes may disturb the adorable viscosity.


Before instructing you about; how to freeze spinach leaves for smoothies? You must check whether the convenient preservation is harming the nutrients or not? Freezing is the most common method that has been used worldwide to preserve fruits, vegetables, and other organic foodstuffs. The super cool temperature of the freezer inhibits the growth of microorganisms that are responsible for decay.

How do you freeze spinach for smoothies? This factor will calculate the profits and losses of the frozen spinach for smoothies. Fresh spinach tends to lose its nutritious value over time. Freezing spinach for smoothies not only saves the worthy green from degrading but also conserves the significant vitamins and minerals. Besides this, the freezing does not harm the significant bacteria, yeasts, and other useful microorganisms.

Mostly, a blanching process is carried out before freezing greens for smoothies. In this method, the leafy greens are immersed in the boiling water for a brief period of time and are transferred to chilled water to stop cooking. The listed technique softens the leaves and brightens the green color. But the blanching treatment may kill some of the important nutrients.

This procedure mostly reduces the content of vitamin C. It also devastates various microorganisms, particularly the mesophiles. You can explore more health benefits of spinach I will discuss those in a separate article.


Moving forward in our debate on how to freeze spinach for smoothies, let us clear some more confusion. The first and last impressions are the optical ones. It is indeed true that we eat first with our eyes. Despite realizing the uncountable advantages of green smoothies, your brain will never accept it until it looks good. The blanching of spinach leaves before freezing brightens the lovely green color to give an adorable look to your smoothie.

Now come to the next aspect; taste. Frozen spinach is preferred over canned spinach in terms of taste and quality. Freezing secures all the goodness of the veggies with the original flavor for future use. Gorgeous and flavorful green smoothies are guaranteed by following our instructions about how to freeze greens for smoothies.


Another meaningful trait of this healthy voyage is considering the type of spinach. Before solving the mystery about how to freeze greens for smoothies, you must recognize the spinach type that compliments your smoothies.

Go green and maintain the best state of health by freezing spinach for green smoothies. Mature spinach leaves are darker in color and contain a strong flavor that makes them unsuitable for smoothies. In contrast, baby spinach leaves are soft and tender with a mild taste. The documented characteristics and fascinating color of baby spinach make it an ideal partner for spinach smoothies.


Frozen spinach smoothie is indeed the best way to obtain the required calories and essential nutrients. Besides this, it keeps you fit and healthy by fighting against numerous diseases.

The documented information has indeed answered all your queries about how to freeze spinach for smoothies. Pick up the convenient method and follow the stepwise instructions to get a gorgeous and mouth-watering spinach smoothie at any moment.

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