Best orange juicer machine with all orange juice benefits you need to know

Do you know how to check what is the best orange juicer machine? Less orange juice and more waste of orange. Everyone is looking for more juice and less fuss. Juices and fluids are undoubtedly essential for health and to maintain a balanced diet. Fresh juices are healthier as compared to packed ones.

People prefer to buy the best citrus press juicer that provides good quality juice. The Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro is one of the best orange juicers for extracting quality orange juice, maintaining all orange juice benefits.

In this article, I am providing a review of Breville 800CPXL Citrus Pro. It helps you in getting to know about the details of the juicer, all in detail.

Best Orange Juicer Breville 800CPXL Citrus Pro Review

best orange juicer Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press


Juicer Name Buying Details
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro View on Amazon

Orange Juicer Review

Breville is one of the best and reliable brands in manufacturing juicer. This citrus press pro making is with stainless solid steel material that marks it more dependable and long-lasting. One can easily use it to make a fresh glass of juice.

 It is a professional juice that is available with a revolutionary active arm system. The best part of the citrus press is that one size fits all juicing cones to provide maximum extraction of juice.

The cleaning is also super comfortable, and the details of the juicer are also dishwasher safe. I am juicing big grapefruits and even smaller limes with this juicer.

It integrates with an innovative active arm press that is also available with a power-assisted lever. The power-assisted lever will allow easily extracting juice without putting much effort.

Some of the juicer’s great features that make this citrus press juicer different from other ones are Quadra-Fin juicing cone, it will easily extract maximum juice from all sizes of citrus fruits.

The juice press arm is also available with a dual-switch that designs to put downward pressure. It is also available with a safety switch that will not allow until the cone spin until both the juicer’s arms low down.

Pros and Cons of Omega Orange Juicer


Easy to clean the juicer.
This is Compact Size juicer
Easy to use
Dishwasher safe
One size fits all juicing cones
Reliable made up of stainless steel
Best for every size citrus fruits
It catches the pulp is the strainer


A close drain spout that brings leakage

The overall design is super but with plastic cover


Juicer Name Buying Details
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro View on Amazon

Buy Orange Juicer

aicok orange juicer Aicok Orange Juicer
BPA Free
Quiet Motor

Breville BCP600SIL-min 150Breville BCP600SIL
Easy Assembly

Tribest CS-1000 juicerTribest CS-1000
Stainless Steel
Easy to clean

Design Factors of Breville 800CPXL Orange Juicer?

The design of the juicing machine is exclusive as the material is stainless steel. The look is quite decent, and the size is perfect to put the juicer on the kitchen shelf. People are mostly worried about the cleaning of juicers. It is easy to clean the juicer, and the parts are dishwasher safe.

I recommend washing the juicer as soon as possible. It will not leave any foul smell, and your juicer seems as new. It is best for all sizes of citrus fruits, but unfortunately not for leafy vegetables and a true Orange Juicer Machine.

Cut the fruits in half and easily make a fresh glass of juice using Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro. It is straightforward to use as you don’t need to go through the juicer’s manual to understand it’s working.

One of the best features is the long-lasting material, but the brand provides a one-year warranty on the citrus press pro. One can easily claim the warranty if founds any default.

Hence, if you are looking up for the best citrus press juicer, try Breville 800CPXL. The only drawback that I observe in this juicer is the drain spout.

It is necessary to keep the drain tube in the open position to drain the juice out in the basket quickly. The close drain spout may cause leakage. Otherwise, overall the juicer is perfect for extracting juice from citrus fruits.


Specifications of Breville 800CPXL Orange Juicer

Brand Breville
Dimensions 7.6” x 10.3” x 14”
Material Stainless steel
Power 110 watts
Voltage 110-120 volts
Warranty One year
Motor Automatically starts when pressure applied to the juicing cone
Safety switch Yes available

Main Attractions in Breville 800CPXL Orange Juicer

Noted Important

Breville 800CPXL features make it unique from other citrus press juicers. Some of the best parts are below:


Speed is a crucial feature in juicers. Everyone wants to make juices and shakes within no time. Notably, it is one of the best and quick citrus juicer I am working with. Its design and construction motor makes the juice fast.

If you are looking for a fast citrus juicer, we recommend this juicer. It makes citrus juice for your whole family.

Juicing Filters

Some fruit juices need to filters before drinking such as orange, pomegranates, etc. Breville 800CPXL is equipped with high-quality filters to make juice without any other substances.

There are two stainless steel filters in this citrus juicer. Furthermore, every person has his own choice for fluid, some people like pulp in the juice while some like pure juice.

If you like pulp in the liquid, use wider mesh for it and if you want pure and straightforward juice without pulp, then avail of the fine mesh. The filtering merely is excellent in this juicer that makes it outer from the other juicer crowd.

Construction and Design

The Breville 800CPXL juicer construction and design are excellent according to their functionality and high-performance. In my opinion, its attractive design is also a point of likeness among people.

The design is simple, unique, engaging, and robust. For some of the juicers, the juice stuck inside the juicer because of its design, but in Breville 800CPXL method the maximum amount of fluid is extracted into the pot.

Remember, do not press down with extra force because the pith also has some juice, but that is an extra one. The material used is not faded with time and cannot neglect the environmental effects like high and low temperature.

Cord Depot Area

Most of the juicers come with a small cord hanger at the juicer’s back to hang the wire. It was somewhat not acceptable in the humidity and such environment because the switch terminals get rusted with time due to interaction with moisture and air.

However, Breville 800CPXL is one step forward in this feature too. There is given and dedicated space in the juicer to depot the cord after using the machine.

It is a built-in part of the juicer that saves the cable from rusting, cut by other animals, and protects it from children. It also gives a great look to juicer without outside hanging wires.

Sturdy Motor

The motor is the central part of the juicer because speed, torque, and other factors are dependent on the motor. In Breville 800CPXL, there is a powerful motor that is quiet in operation.

The motor is robust inside because of the quality material used in motor windings. There is also a casing on the motor made up of high-grade stainless steel material to be used for years.

The motor provides the strength of an industrial engine, but the price is reasonable. You can even buy it for your house within a limited budget. All-inclusive, it is a cost-effective citrus juicer that assists you in making juice in the kitchen.


Many juicers make a loud noise while operating. The noise is so loud that you sometimes think before using it late at night or in the early morning time. If you have a family of small kids, even the children can get terrified or awake from the juicer’s noise.

Breville 800CPXL motor is noiseless. It is specially designed to cancel the noise to use it anytime in the kitchen quickly. We have noticed that if you use it, you will not be even amazed it is running or not. It is a tranquil and efficient juicer among all the other brands.

Fruit Coving

The Breville Citrus juicer design is so well that every type of juice can fit in the fruit dome area and give you maximum juice output.

Most of the juicers dome is not good because when you want to clean it, they cannot be cleaned well due to its design. But the crown of 800CPXL is easily removable, and you can clean it easily. It is quick to put it back to its place.

Stopper Juice Spout

The right product has a solution for every customer’s problem whether the problem is so small. This Orange Juicer Machine has a fantastic feature to note is juice spilling.

The feature working is simple: when the juice starts spilling outside of the working space, the juicer stops automatically. Shortly you can say that it is a drip-stop juicer on juice spilling.

There are many benefits to this characteristic. Firstly, it saves the item from wasting and secondly it decreases the time and effort for cleaning. There will be no extra messes for you while using it. In my opinion, it is appreciating.

Construction Material

The Breville 800CPXL is made up of extraordinarily high-quality and rugged material. In the base of this juicer, solid die-casting material is used. The filter basket area is of stainless steel material that is acid and other such material resistant. The patented cone is also of stainless steel to save it from wear and tear.

The stainless less steel material keeps from corrosion and ensures a long life span of the juicer. Furthermore, the material is hard and non-breakable. Overall material quality is stunning.


All the customers want the electronic products’ warranty when using it the first time or do not want to bear any loss while paying enough for a product.

The Breville 800CPXL gives you full after-sales services and a warranty of the citrus juicer. Commonly, there is one year warranty, but you can check the latest update by going to the provided link.

Dimensions of the Juicer

Most people want to buy a small size juicer because of the tight space available in their kitchens. The other fact is that such products must be compact and portable.

The small size suits the functionality of the juicer. The dimensions of Breville 800CPXl are 11″ x 9″ x 18″. It is a compact size juicer and can easily fit in tight spaces in your kitchen.

Dual Switch Juicer Arm

Safety is a significant point in every product, and these products have covered most of the safety issues because of their design, material, and functionality.

Breville citrus juicer will not work until the arm is lower and you have inserted some pressure on the upper face of the cone. It is a built-in safety feature that disallows the motor to spin until everything is in its place. The handle grip is very soft.

The advantage of this feature is that sometimes children press the button without placing the cone. Therefore, it provides grip and safety to the children.

Juicing Cone Fins

This juicer cone consists of high-quality fins that ensure the juice flow even the pulp extracts the maximum amount of juice. The washing is so easy and safe even you are using a dishwasher. Its material is acid resistant to provide you with a long run product.

Summary of the features

It is tough to choose a product out of hundreds of models available in the market with similar specifications and functionality. We have briefly explained all the essential facts and features that a person must know and check before buying a juicer.

In consequence, Breville 800CPXL is a high-quality, cost-effective, and handy Orange Juicer Machine from other models and brands. The dimensions are suitable for almost all the kitchens with tight space.

The dual switch gives an outstanding safety for the item and also for your children. The silent feature makes prominent among the other juicers crowed.

Dedicated space for the cord gives a remarkable impact on the design and overall safety. Two filters make it useful and valuable for every being having dissimilar tastes.

The quick juicing with this Orange Juicer Machine will not bother you from making the juice more than once a day. Hence, if you are looking for the best citrus press juicer having almost all the user-friendly characteristics, this Orange Juicer Machine would be the best choice for you.

This machine is citrus oriented and designed to perform citrus juicing only but if you are looking for a multi-purpose juicer you can read about juice and mincer j8006


How to use Breville 800CPXL 

Must Know

This juicer machine is specifically designed for juicing citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, etc. Before getting into the operations of the juicer one must know the parts of the juicer. It will help to understand how it works.

Breville 800cpxl parts

parts breville 800cpxl

You can learn more about the parts of this juicer from the official website of Breville. Overview of the juicer parts are as following

  • Juice Press Arm
  • Soft grip handle
  • Fruit dome
  • Juicing Cone
  • Steel Filter
  • Juice Collector
  • Juicing Spout
  • Powerful Motor
  • Double Stage Switching System
  • Power Button
  • Power Cord Storage

Using Breville 800CPXL Orange Juicer Machine

Making orange juice is not easy with manual pushing machines. Breville makes this machine for ease. I am an orange juice lover of breakfast but it always takes extra minutes and effort to have an orange juice glass.

With this Orange juice extractor, it has become like a piece of cake to have orange juice. It is because of its electrical and mechanical interaction. Quick orange juicing is easy now with this orange juicer machine. Let’s learn more about the operations of this juicer.using juicer 800cplx

Before juicing the oranges or citrus cut the fruits in half and place them near the juicer. Also, place a juice collector near the juice spout as mentioned in the picture above.

The juicing arm contains the fruit dome, place half-cut fruit in the juicing dome and presses the juicing arm down until the juicing dome having fruit covers the juicing steel cone. I consider this the best Orange Juicer Machine because of its design.

The juicing cone has a direct connection with the powerful motor and the juicing cone rotates on the fruits and all the juice extracts in the juice collector. For juice, the collector gets filtrated and moves out of the juicing spout.

It is a very easy process to juice oranges and citrus without any or very little effort. But one thing to ensure is to clean the juice immediately as juicing completes. By this life of the juicer increases.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Breville 800CPXL Citrus Press Pro View on Amazon

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Oranges

Health Counts more

Orange is a great gift of nature. We can benefit ourselves and our loved ones with this health booster. Check out the ten top benefits of oranges

orange fruit benefits

Heart Health

Hesperidin in oranges helps lower blood pressure and folate protects against cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure is a common disease due to poor eating habits but with help of orange juice  we can reduce the threat

Immune Support

High vitamin C content helps to steer away nasty bugs, bacteria & viruses. Prevents colds, flu & ear

Infections. Immunity is important, people are saying it loudly due to covid19. Oranges are a good source to improve the natural immunity of the human body.

Digestive Health

Vitamin C helps prevent ulcers Alkalizing and fiber ensures a healthy colon. Good health requires a good gut. If you want to have a good healthy long life you must ensure to have a good digestive system. Orange juice and fiber help to maintain a good digestive potion.

Rich in alkaline minerals

Orange helps to maintain the balanced PH of the body because it has natural alkaline ingredients that help the body to do so. To maintain a balanced body balanced PH is essential to have.


Orange Contain limonin, which helps reduce LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Nowadays life is quick and busy and undoubtedly we consume unhealthy food. That is the main reason due to which Cholesterol level gets disturbed in our body. Oranges help us to overcome this issue.

Healthy Skin

Contain essential vitamins & minerals for beautiful problem-free healthy skin. Everyone wants to look beautiful and healthy. Orange juice has this benefit for us. It helps our skin to remain in good tone and posture.

Kidney Support

Kidneys are one of the major organs of the body. The primary function is to filter all bad from blood and excrete out of the body. Oranges help prevent kidney stones & efficient filtering of toxins. Oranges are a great support for the function of the kidney.



Oranges help prevent free-radical damage, which normally triggers the inflammatory cascade. Inflammation is common due to impurities in food and water. When we consume nonstandard food and water it may raise the inflammation in the body. Oranges help us to cope with it.



Studies have shown cancer-risk reductions in over 40-50% of individuals who consumed citrus fruits! Contain potent anti-carcinogens to prevent the proliferation of cancerous cells. Cancer is a life-threatening disease and always go for natural remedies to avoid such havoc.


Vision Protection

Loaded with carotenoids, oranges help prevent night blindness & macular degeneration. Night vision issues come up with the age, it is horrific when suddenly in the night or evening one cant see. Regular use of oranges keeps us safe.

If you are looking to learn more about Orange and traits may read this article at Wikipedia.

Final verdict

Breville 800CPXL is one of the best choices to extract citrus fruit juices. It can easily take the juice of all sizes citrus fruits. The best part is that it is easy to clean and also very easy to juice. The buyer doesn’t need to go through the reading of the manual.


FAQs about Breville 800CPXL

Keep asking
What is working votage for Breville 800CPXL?
Breville 800CPXL works on 110 volts. If any other voltage is operational at your end, it may damage the juicer.
How hard to press Breville 800CPXL while juicing?
Just slightly keep pushing the handdle. As you will observe all juice is extracting and remaining is the pulp. It just needs a slight practice
Breville 800CPXL works in Asian and South Asian countries?
Test is very simple, you must know the voltage you are going to provide it for juicing. These voltage should be 110 regardless the geography.
Can Breville 800CPXL juice pomegranate?
Answer is No because this juicer is strictly designed to juice orange and citrus and ranked as Best Orange Juicer Machine
Breville 800CPXL is a commercial orange juicer?
No Breville 800CPXL is not a commercial juicer, handle it with care. It may heatup after certain period of time.

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