8 best juicers for greens discover how one can improve juicing experience

It took two weeks for me and my team to decide which one is the best juicer for greens. Want to have a fit and healthy lifestyle? We all wish to develop healthy habits to stay fit. Choosing a well balanced and healthy diet can be the first significant step to reach the goal. If you are willing to stay fit you have to choose greens for your daily diet and one juicer from the following list of the best juicers.


Choosing the best juicer among a list of good-performing juicers is not an easy task. It took 14 days to go through all these options for juicing greens. Factors we kept in mind include juice produce, production rate, compatibility with greens, nutritional factors, assembling and disassembling, using a mechanism, easy to clean, and water production. Following are the best juicers for greens

Name  Buying Details
Top Green Juicer
Breville JE98XL Juice 
Check Price
Best Juicer for Green
Aicok Slow Masticating juicer
Check Price
Recommended Juicer for Green
Omega H3000D 
Check Price
Ranked Green Juicer
Omega NC900HDC juicer
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Top rated juicer for Greens
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar
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Compact Juicer for Leafy
Breville BJE200XL 
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Slow Juicer
Kuvings BPA-Free 
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Masticating Juicer
Omega J8006HDS
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According to most nutritionists, leafy green vegetables are the essential ingredients in a well-balanced diet plan. But, by cooking the leafy greens, you may lose the vital nutrients.You may find several juicers by different manufacturing brands that might claim the phenomenal performance of their product.

In this situation, it gets even more challenging to found the one that fulfills your requirement. We have gathered all the best juicers for fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens to save your time and effort.

There may be thought that consuming raw vegetables can be difficult or may taste unpleasant. Don’t get down, as we have a flavorful solution to this. Prepare your taste buds for an appetizing and healthy voyage and extract all the crucial nutrients from the pot herbs by juicing them with the best juicers for greens.

Juicing is a popular and convenient trend, followed by many peoples for dieting purposes. More than that, the mothers can quickly sneak the desired fruit or veggie into their kid’s diet by juicing them. Admire the intake of lush leafy veggies with ease and convenience with the best juicers for leafy greens and promote a healthy diet.

The modern masticating and centrifugal juicers have substituted the former ones because of their advanced juicing mechanism. These modern gadgets are specially formulated to yield more juice from fruits and vegetables without destroying the nutrients. However, finding the best juicer for greens and fruits can be a difficult task. We have reviewed the best ones with outstanding features that will lead you to an optimum investment. 


Firstly, you need to know the ultimate advantages delivered by the best juicer for greens juice before purchasing it. The praiseworthy veggies can do miracles if in taking the right way. Juicing can draw all the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a single cup.

The most commendable benefit of juicing is that it boosts your immune system and improves digestion. In addition to this, it flourishes radiant and glowing skin. Moreover, fresh green juices can help in maintaining weight excessive fat reduction.

1.BREVILLE JE98XL JUICE FOUNTAIN PLUS-The Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Our first pick in the list of best juicers for greens is the Breville JE98XL juice fountain plus centrifugal juicer with fascinating features. Let us dive deep into the details of this excellent machine.

The brand Breville is a well known and trusted name in the world of kitchen appliances. All the gadgets with this signature hold absolute quality and durability. The Juice Fountain Plus is another revolutionary device from this trademark.

Extract the best green juices for weight loss with the gorgeous juicer designed with a rigid polymer body. Apart from its stylish appearance, it embodies a 3-inch wide feeding chute that permits juicing large fruits and vegetables without slicing them.

Further, the best Breville juicer for greens contains a compact dimension to complement any kitchen counter without consuming much space. The powerful 850watts dual-speed motor can deliver up to 8 ounces of juice in just 5 seconds.

Want more? The presence of a robust stainless steel Nutri disc announces it as the best juicer for root vegetables. The phenomenal mesh filter enables it to yield more juice with maximum nutrients contrasting to regular juicers. A filter basket, one-liter juice jug, and a cleaning brush come along with this juicer.

And the best part? The Breville Juice Fountain plus contains a security locking alarm, interlocking safety arm, and an LED to prevent overloading. The interlocking component avoids the operation without proper locking of the cover. Simultaneously, the overloading protection mechanism senses the overheating and overloading and automatically shuts the machine down to prevent damage.

Lastly, the tremendous machine is easy to clean, and the parts are dishwasher safe. Further, the one-year limited warranty adds up more value to this luxurious device. For details you may dive into its review done by the jucerz team Breville juice fountain plus



  • The heavy grade polymer structure
  • Extra-wide feeding chute
  • Stainless-steel slicing disc with micro-mesh filter basket
  • Easy to clean
  • One year warranty



  • The pulp is not much dry.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Breville JE98XL juice fountain plus View on Amazon

2. Aicok Masticating Juicer-The Best Juicer For Green Leafy Vegetables

Aicok Amr521 review

Welcome to the next product among the best juicers for greens, the Aicok Masticating juicer, and begin the healthy expedition. Curious to know more about this stunning gadget? Read more!

The tremendous appliance is a striking innovation from Aicok to bring health to your doorstep with comfort and ease. Select the best greens for juicing like spinach, kale, wheatgrass, or any desired one, and compress all the essential nutrients in a glass with the best juicer for weight loss.

Besides the fascinating features, the Aicok juicer contains admiring looks. The jet black exterior with an elegant design is all set to make your kitchen counter more appealing.

The quality juicer is featured with a low speed of 80Rpm to reduce foaming and clog, minimizing oxidation. The slow masticating and grinding yield the maximum vitamins and minerals without overheating.

Prepare the best green juice for skin with the improved spiral mechanism, formulated with seven segments. Each segment plays its part in providing you with a nutritious beverage.

Bid farewell to the loud juicing sound with the best slow juicer for greens that work smoothly and silently. Further, the nifty gadget precisely separates the juice from the pomace to provide you with a less pulpy, nutrient-rich drink.

Above all, the charming machine offers easy installation, convenient operation, and simple cleaning. The durable parts can be gently rinsed and are dishwasher safe too.

Enjoy a 3-year luxurious warranty offer with the best juicer for leafy greens 2020. It further offers friendly technical consultation for the lifespan of the gadget. This is one of the top juciers reviewed by the jucerz team under heading of  masticating AICOK slow juicer.



  • Elegant looks
  • Easy assembling and simple cleaning
  • Provides less pulpy juices
  • Minimize oxidation
  • Three years of quality verification.



  • Slightly bigger

Juicer Name Buying Details
Aicok Masticating juicer View on Amazon

3. Omega H3000d Cold Press 365 Juicer

omega h3000

Prepare the best green juices for cancer with this stunning appliance. Presenting you the Omega H3000D Cold press 365 juicers with distinct features. Scroll down and find out, is it the product you are looking for?

Omega has combined the latest technology with style in its Omega cold press 365 juicers to take you to the premium fitness level. The classy black juicer with a stylish layout looks more like a decorative item on your kitchen tops than a juicing appliance.

It is undoubtedly the best Omega juicer for leafy greens due to many reasons. Firstly, the quality and stability of the device are remarkable. Omega promises a long healthy excursion with this meaningful innovation.

Secondly, the best juicer for wheatgrass and leafy greens embodies an excellent juicing mechanism that extracts ultimate nutrients from fewer vegetables and fruits.

Finally, the best masticating juicer for greens works with a perfect combination of low and high speed. This mechanism lowers the oxidation process and boosts the nutritional value.

Most importantly, you can enjoy your favorite healthy drinks without the annoying sound generated by juicers, as the Omega Cold Press juicers are noiseless.

Get a kick out of that troublesome cleaning of juicing machines and relish easy washing. Detach the parts and rinse them gently to be cleaned. You can also place them in the dishwasher.

Lastly, the best juicers for greens and fruits include several essential components to deliver all the natural goodness.


  • Economical
  • Operates on a combination of low and high speed
  • Efficient
  • Quiet motor
  • Versatile juicer


  • The chute is not so wide.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Omega H3000D Cold press View on Amazon

4. OMEGA NC900HDC JUICER-The Best Juicer For Celery And Greens

omega nc900hdc 150

Are you seeking the best juicer to maintain a healthy diet? Maybe your search came to an end, as the next product can easily convince you for a valuable investment. Extract the best green juices for health with Omega NC900HDC juicer and boost your immunity.

Omega is one of the top leading brands that have been delighting consumers for years. This time Omega has engineered a perfect partner to complement your diet plan; the Omega NC900HDC juicer.

The elegantly designed juicer carries optimum quality and can bring the highest level of nutrition to you. The best juicer for greens and carrots can extract maximum fluid from the fewest juicing items.

The best part of this Omega juicer is the large feeding chute that makes the juicing procedure more convenient. Apart from juicing, the versatile appliance can do wonders. Preparing baby food, mincing ginger and wheatgrass, grinding coffee, and many other time-consuming chores are now quick and effortless with this adorable machine.

It is indeed the best juicer for greens, vegetables, and fruits because of delivering longer lasting juices. The motor operates at a low speed of 80RPMs that prevents heating up and foaming. Therefore, prepared juices are less prone to the oxidation process, which increases their life.

The best juice extractor for leafy greens offers five different speed settings. The 1 to 3 speeding options are designated for juicing hard fruits while selecting the lower settings for leafy veggies and soft fruits are advised.

Need more? The Omega juicer can easily crush frozen items. It contains six nozzles that make it ideal for extruding pasta at home. Moreover, cleaning and assembling are more comfortable than ever with this durable juicing machine.

Get 15 years warranty on parts and performance by investing in this adorable juicing machine and worth each penny of your money.



  • Classy exterior
  • Offers different operating speeds
  • Quiet
  • Versatile
  • Durable



  • Consumes more space.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Omega NC900HDC View on Amazon

5. TRIBEST GSE-5050 GREENSTAR ELITE-the best juicer for green smoothies

Tribest gse 5050

Still, puzzled to get an answer to what is the best juicer for leafy greens and fruits? No worries, maybe the next juicer can make up your mind. Have a look at the following item: the Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Juicer, and invest in the right product.

The Tribest Green Star Elite is the best juicer for greens since 2018 as it assures you a healthy life in a convenient manner. The striking chrome juicer can capture anyone’s attention quickly. The carrying handle adds up more value to the looks while making it portable at the same time.

The best juicer for greens 2018 comprises a jumbo twin gear technology and works at a speed of 110RPM. More than that, the cold-pressed juicer has a 200-watt operating powerful motor.

Further, the sturdy device is excellent to mince the herbs and can crush the hardest nuts in a flash. The most worthy aspect of this device is the pressure adjustment control.

On top of that, the best Green Star juicer kicks off the hassle of laborious cleaning procedures and offers a time-saving rinsing method. Use a mild soap to clean the parts and avoid using harsh chemicals, as they might reduce the gadget’s lifespan.

Desire a prolonged assurance claim to save your investment? The best juicer for hard vegetables comes with an exclusive 12-year warranty offer to meet your expectations.



  • 12 years warranty
  • Twin gear system
  • Reliable
  • Versatile
  • Pressure adjustment controls



  • Bulky and expensive.

Juicer Name Buying Details
Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite View on Amazon

6. BREVILLE BJE200XL JUICE FOUNTAIN COMPACT JUICER-the best inexpensive juicer for greens

BREVILLE BJE200XL best juicer for green

Fascinated by the above-listed juicers, but is your budget acting as a hurdle in making a purchase?  No problem, we have got an excellent juicer at a low price. Yes, you read that right. Get all the qualities of the expensive juicers in Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact Juicer at a low expense.

Yield the essential nutrients with the best juicer for leafy greens 2019 and get in shape. The cheap juicer contains a classy exterior with a durable and heavy-duty juice fountain to give you maximum output. The vertical design consumes less space and can tribute any kitchen counter.

The most noticeable aspect of this machine is the wide feeding tube. The 3-inch large feeding chute cuts down the human effort and reduces preparation time before juicing. In addition to this, there is no danger of rusting, as the cutting disc is made from stainless steel. These striking features endorse it as the best juicer for leafy greens 2019.

Let us highlight the main component of the juicing machine, the operating motor. The powerful 700-watt motor functions at a high speed of 14,000RPM. Besides this, the defensive locking arm permits the operation only when the cover is locked.

The best juicer for greens contains an Italian micro-mesh filter to yield 30% more juice than ordinary juicers. Apart from this, it eliminates the disturbing evacuating of the pulp compartment with a 1.6-quart pulp container.

How can we neglect the cleaning procedure? The best juicer for greens and vegetables promotes easy cleaning. Just place the parts in the dishwasher, and you are done. More than this, it flourishes a 12 months warranty declaration for trouble-free service.


  • Vertical and compact design
  • Collects pulp within the footprint
  • Affordable
  • Heavy grade polymer body



  • Not much durable

Juicer Name Buying Details
Breville BJE200XL View on Amazon


7. KUVINGS BPA-FREE B6000PR JUICER-the best juicer for greens and beets


The very best addition to the best juicer for greens list is Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR. Kuvings offers an imposing design and great looks. This juicer’s red silk color makes it beyond the range of ordinary products and brings more prestige and worthiness to this gadget. Moreover, the compact perpendicular design takes very little space on the shelf.

In addition to this, Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR is a significantly less noisy juicer with a brilliant speed of 60 RPM, despite having a 240 watts motor.

The feeding chute of Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR is of three-inches, which is well enough for inserting larger pieces of fruits and vegetables. Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR is a very durable juicer that can last for several years despite its heavy usage.

As briefed, Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR has a 3-inches feeding chute. It’s not just enough. You will have a drip-free tube along with the juicer. All BPA-Free parts will be available free with the juicer. The best feature of this juicer is that you can also wash all components in the dishwasher.

With all those features, some of the users claim that the parts are not so durable and the juicer also has some clogging issue, but despite all of these complaints, Kuvings offer a ten-year warranty of this juicer. The assurance shows the confidence of Kuvings in their product.

Another flaw of having this Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR juicer is that their customer services department does not respond personally to their customers.


  • Premium design
  • Consumes less space
  • Powerful 240W motor
  • Easy assembling and cleaning
  • Function with minimum noise


  • Clogs often

Juicer Name Buying Details
Kuvings B6000PR View on Amazon


omega j8006 150-min

The brand Omega is repeatedly emerging in the list of best juicer for greens, because of manufacturing the most outstanding products. This time Omega has appeared with its quiet dual-stage Omega J8006HDS juicer.

Prepare a healthy and delicious vegetable juice with Omega J8006HDS juicer and live healthily. The solid machine is made from high-quality stainless steel to prevent rusting.

The best juicer for kale and greens works at a low speed of 80RPMs.The slow masticating juicing mechanism performs a quiet operation with a powerful operating motor of 200 watts.

The slow operation reduces the amount of heat generation hence lowers the oxidation process. This mechanism stimulates beneficial enzymes and increases the life of your green juice.

Omega slow masticating juicer is a complete all in one package that offers multiple functions. From cutting veggies to grinding nuts and coffee, this awesome gadget helps with the most challenging kitchen tasks.

Moreover, Omega J8006HDS saves time and struggles with a simple cleaning. The worthy device is a real value for money product.

Check out the best green juice recipes and try them with Omega J8006HDS. The efficient juicer yields maximum extracts from the fruits and vegetables and leaves dry residue after juicing.

It is essential to highlight that Omega J80006HDS embodies five different settings for different ingredients. Mechanized pulp ejection for persistent juicing is another remarkable aspect of this tool. Omega Masticating Juicer if you are looking for in-depth review of this juicer.

If you are looking forward for technical and structural details about this juicer. You man consult the technical manual Omega J8006


  • Easy operations
  • Maximum yield
  • Versatile
  • Automatic pulp ejection
  • Preserves the nutritious value of the ingredients


  • Plastic body

Juicer Name Buying Details
Omega J8006HDS View on Amazon


Juicer is one of the compulsory gadgets, along with other kitchen appliances. A healthy and nutritious glass of juice in the morning can give a good start to your day and keeps you healthy and fit. But before concluding, what is the best juicer for greens? You must have some necessary information about the types of juicers and their details.



Firstly, let us converse about the types of juicers to help you understand and find the best juice extractor for leafy greens.


MASTICATING JUICERS – Best Juicers For Greens

Masticating juicers are also called slow juicers because of their operating speed. These are considered the best type of juicers for greens. The masticating juicers function at less rate by mashing the ingredients with a  rotating augur and a screen.

These juicers preserve nutrition and extract more juice with their slow juicing mechanism.


Centrifugal juicers are fast juicers that operate at high speed. The juicing tool contains spinning blades to bring about the execution. Most importantly, you can adjust the speed according to the stiffness of the ingredients.



After deciding on the juicer type, consider other significant aspects to finalize the best juicer for greens.



The most prominent aspect that will let you determine the best juicer to make green juice is the brand name. Always select the juicer that contains a reputed signature mark. The commodities from we’ll known brands are likely to be more durable than others.


You will find numerous brands with distinct models and prices. Omega, Tribest, Aicok, Kuvings, and Breville are the topmost leading denominations.



The first and everlasting impressions are the visual ones. We never select the product that seems unappealing to us. The modern juicing machines are built with a phenomenal exterior to decor your kitchen tops.


Besides this, keep an eye on the space of your working station. Go for a perpendicular compact design in case of less working space. The vast and spacious kitchen counters can afford even the bulkiest juicers.



The juicers are mostly used daily to maintain a healthy diet. Seek a durable and precise juicer for prolonged use. The quality of manufacturing materials decides this aspect.



We all are familiar with the annoying voice generated by most of the juicers. Getting a  healthy juice of glass in the morning can disturb other family members. To resolve this query, select the modern noiseless juicers and keep up the excellent health silently.



Speed is the most critical aspect to notice while buying any machine. The juicer machines are divided into two categories that operate at different rates. Centrifugal juicers work at more speed than masticating juicers. However, the element of speed does not make much difference in the performance of the juicers. 



Are you seeking the best juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables? Then you must check the juicer yield. An optimum juicing instrument can give out maximum fluid, leaving a dry pulp behind.


Check out the comments by the buyers to find the juicing yield of the selected one.



The installation and detachment of the parts is another fact to analyze. All of the reviewed juicers offer quick and manageable assembling. The effortless dismantling further directs to untroubled cleaning.



Keep an eye on the cleaning procedure to choose the best juicer for celery and greens. Pick up the one that doesn’t clog often and contains safe dishwasher parts. Regular maintenance and proper cleaning help a juicer to last longer.


This intimate buying guide will direct you to the best juicers for green drinks.



Decided the favorable one from the list of best juicer for greens? Not yet, Don’t worry, we have got some premium suggestions for you.

If price and space are not an issue for you, then go with our top pick, the Omega NC900HDC Juice extractor.

Seeking a vertical juicer for a small kitchen counter, then pick up the Kuvings BPA-Free B6000PR juicer. The Tribest GSE5000 juicer is a recommendation as the best twin gear juicer for greens in 2019.

It is not necessary to go with our selected products. Read the reviewed products and buying guide and choose the best one yourself.



What is the best juicer for leafy greens and juice?

All the listed juicers are brilliant, but our suggestion is to go with Omega NC900HDC Juice extractor for the best results.


Should I take the green juice daily?

 Green juice offers unlimited benefits and strengths immunity to recover and fight against any disease. An average individual can drink a glass of green juice daily. Ask your doctor in case of any medical conditions.


Which are the best greens for juicing?

The most recommended greens for juicing are

  • Cucumber
  • Kale
  • Celery
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Wheatgrass
  • Parsely

you can combine these veggies with any fruit as a natural sweetener.


What type of juicer is the best juicer for greens, masticating juicers, or centrifugal juicers?

 Masticating juicers are preferred over centrifugal juicers for juicing the greens.

Mainly, the slow functioning of masticating juicers yields more juice and preserves the nutrition by less foaming and minimum oxidation.

Can you put leafy greens in a juicer?

From most of the green vegetables, you can make healthy juices. Mostly vegetables liked by people to juice are wheatgrass, kale, celery, bitter gourd, dandelion, etc

Can I Juice Spinach in my juicer?

Yes, you can juice spinach in the juicer but keep one thing in mind all the juicers can not juice the spinach. You may need to have a slow masticating juicer to juice the spinach. In this article, details have been discussed. Best juicer for leafy greens. Always keep learning.


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