Best juicer for leafy greens Discover How omega mm900hds can juice

Omega MM900HDS is the best juicer for Leafy Greens. Medical Medium recommends juicing celery. Dive into this content and decide for yourself what juicing capacity it has. Juicing leafy greens and celery is not easy on juicers due to fiber and structure.

Do you want to buy a good juicer for celery? Here I am reviewing Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium. This juicer is known as the best juicer for  Celery. The juice of Celery supports to reinforce bones. Unluckily, Celery is considered a terrible item for all juicers.

Many juicers get wasted while making celery juice. Drinking celery juice is more advantageous than eating because juices contain reduced fiber content and offer more vitamins and minerals valuable for health.

A detailed review of Omega MM900HDS is available below.

omega 900hds juicer

Juicer Name Buying Details
Omega J8006 View on Amazon

Best juicer for Leafy Greens and Celery Review

Omega is one of the dependable brands in the industry of the best kitchen appliances. It is an industry top juicer that has 15 years of warranty on parts and their operations. The juicer is one of the top picks for extracting celery juice. The Medical Medium approves this juicer.

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According to Anthony William, “this is the perfect juicer to extract celery juice. It is one of the best celery juicers available in the market for extracting celery juice. Only juicer which is specifically designed for celery processing. This juicer is a good option to juice the celery and the leafy greens.

I am mentioning, celery juice is more beneficial as compared to eating it. MM900HDS is a cold press slow juicer that means that it works at a low speed, i.e., 80 RPMs and produces minimal heat, and promotes healthy enzymes.

This juicer extracts maximum nutrients of Celery with a dual-stage masticating extraction feature. The juicer includes an adjustable celery end cap attachment that provides maximum output. The caps include three adjustable pressure settings on each.

What Makes This Juicer Special for leafy Greens?

OMEGA MM900HDS is a juicer that will extract every drop of juice out of Celery including all the nutrients. Omega brand is also reliable as it is a world-leading juicer brand. The juicer is best for Celery, but it is considered the best juicer for all leafy green vegetables.

Celery juice is not easy to extract because of its fiber texture. But, this juicer makes sure to extract every drop of juice out from Celery easily.

Health-conscious people must be aware of the returns of celery juice. If not, let me give a brief overview. Due to our unhealthy way of life, our nerves are so distressed that’s why we feel depressed and nervous. Celery juice works as a natural purge that will help you in relaxing your nerves. Celery is high in calcium, Vitamin K and also includes Silicon.

There are many benefits of celery juice. Many people include celery juices in their breakfast, and many use it to lose weight. To get supreme nutrients from Celery is by having its juice. The juice of Celery is to improve the function of digestion as it works as a laxative and also helps to relax nerves.

Juicing Leafy Greens and Celery is Nightmare for Juicers

Many juicers available in the market claim to provide the best juicing facilities with some modern features. Few juicers claim to work for providing celery juice and leafy greens juice. The celery and leafy green juice, as I said that it’s a nightmare for all juicers because of its fibers and all the juicers don’t have the capacity to process these fibers. Best juicer for Leafy Greens and celery proves it self.

Only rare existing juicers in the market that claims to provide a perfect glass of celery juice. Celery juice is also beneficial for weight loss.

Celery juice is beneficial for dehydration, weight loss, and good immunity. The juicer comes with an extra cap for extracting celery juice that tight squeeze to get more juice. It is optimized for celery juice but also perfect for other vegetables and fruits.

The juicer permits slow-speed juicing that provides us whole juice glass. The juicer is of the same size as other brands, but it comes with an additional celery attachment. While juicing out vegetables and fruits, you need to cut items to fix them in the juicer.

Hence, if you are looking up for a perfect juicer for Celery, then Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium is one of the best options available in the market. It comes up with special cups to extract celery juice.

Slow juicers are Best juicer for Leafy Greens

Celery juice is not easy to extract from all juicers. Some special juicers can only work for celery. One should know which type suits the most for extracting celery juice. Two options available in the market for extracting celery juice include slow masticating juicer and fast centrifugal ones. The masticating word means “chew.” Slow masticating is always the best juicer for leafy greens because it slowly grinds and squeezes gently. While buying a centrifugal juicer is a terrible choice for extracting Celery juice because it will spin the fruit in a circle fast and mostly works as a blender.

Many other slow juicers are available in the market that claims to provide the perfect celery juice glass. You can judge yourself that all juicers mentioned are slow masticating juicers. They will slowly squeeze and grinds celery.

The list of best Juicers for leafy greens and celery are as following


Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Only for Juicing

OMEGA MM900HDS is the horizontal masticating juicer that doesn’t come with other food processing functions. It is strictly and specially made for juicing. It is optimized explicitly for extracting celery juice. I am listing down the things that can’t be done with Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium.

  • It doesn’t process soft fruits
  • Not able to make non-dairy milk items
  • Baby food
  • Grinding and chopping of beans
  • It doesn’t allow to mince sauces ingredients

Besides all this, it is best to extracts juices from any fruit and vegetable. You can easily use it for extracting juices from any fruit and vegetable, but it is not made up for the things mentioned above.

Specifications for Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium

Motor 80 RPM, 2 horsepower
Noise low
Color Black & silver
Design Horizontal
Type Masticating juicer
Chute size 1.5 inches
Warranty 15 years

Why Omega MM900HDS is best juicer for leafy greens?

Noteable Features

One of the best juicer for celery that is recommended by Medical Medium.

It is a cold press slow juicer that will juice out celery with 80 RPMs of slow speed.

The cold press juicing capabilities extracts all nutrients in one glass of juice and retains the antioxidants that boost immunity and also give positive affect to the health.

Dual stage extraction is available in the juicer to extract maximum amounts of nutrients

It is enhanced for celery, but also best for leafy vegetables and also for fruits.

Celery end cap attachment is available with the juicer that is also included with 3 pressure settings on each

The power of the juicer is equivalent to 2 HP motor.

Pros and Cons of this Juicer


  • Specifically improved for celery juice and leafy greens and ranked as best juicer for leafy greens
  • The blades are made up of stainless steel
  • Reliable for juice out all leafy vegetables
  • Cold press juicing ensure availability of important nutrients that helps in boosting immunity
  • Smooth and low noise operation
  • Easy to wash
  • Officially endorsed juicer by Medical Medium


  • Assembling of juicer requires a bit attention
  • Some times Customer Service not up to the mark
  • Warranty for US/Canada 15 Years and International 2 Years
  • Narrow chute don’t allow full piece of fruit or vegetable

Juicer Name Buying Details
Omega J8006 View on Amazon

How to use Omega MM900HDS Juicer

First of all try to understand each part of this juicer. It helps while assembling and disassembling of this juicer.

Parts of Omega MM900HDS

parts of Omega MM900HDS Best juicer for Leafy Greens

it is a good idea to understand the parts of the juicer before learning how to assemble them. You can see each part of the juicer is marked in the picture and the reference name is in the table

A Hopper I Adjustable End Cap
B Chute J Juicing Screen
C Drum K Celery Juice End Cap
D Handle L Cleaning Brush
E Locking Clip M Pulp Container
F Housing N Juice Container
G On/Off Button O Pusher
H Auger P The Green Inner Ring
  1. Hopper is the container that basically holds the fruits and vegetable pieces. We prepare fruits and vegetables for juicing and from Hopper, it moves to the chute.
  2. Cut Food parts move one by one to the processing or juicing zone. The reason is to ensure all food is processed properly
  3. Drum covers the auger as food comes into the drum main processing for juicing takes place here.
  4. Handle as its name shows is allowing us to manage the juicer movement. It is for our ease so that we can pick it or place it properly
  5. The locking clip ensures the attachment of the processing part with the powerhouse. Powerhouse means the motor of the juicer in the housing
  6. Housing is the main power hub of the juicer. It has a motor that provides slow but continuous power to the processing zone of the juicer.
  7. On and Off Button turns the juicer on and off as per needs. It is good practice to put it to an off state after juicing is done.
  8. Auger is the part that rotates food again and again till all the juice from food comes into the glass. Auger receives working power from the housing. Placing an auger at its proper slot is important for perfect juicing.
  9. An adjustable end cap is an option provided for juicing. There are various settings for this part depending upon the nature of the food in the juicer. In the following sections, I am writing more about this part.
  10. Juicing Screen makes sure all the pulp is outside and juice comes into the juicing container.
  11. Green Inner Ring is used to put more pressure on the food and more juice comes out from the food. This is a removable part and I use it while juicing the celery. It is actually for celery juicing to increase more pressure on the fibers of the celery.
  12. Cleaning Brush comes in the package. It works great as we use it with warm water.
  13. Pulp Container Collects the pulp and I use it in my garden for good nutrition for trees
  14. Juicing Container Collects the final outcome of the juice.
  15. Pusher pushes the food to the processing zone and sometimes chunks of food require pushing to move into the processing zone of the juicer.
  16. The Green Inner Ring of the end is for celery juicing as it decreases the passing area and more pressure works on the celery fibers.


How to Assemble Omega MM900HDS

The following picture describes the assembling process step by step. Details of each step are as below

assembling juicer mm900hds Best juicer for Leafy Greens

  • I am explaining all the parts of the Juicer in the above section. Assembling it is very easy just follow the steps shown in the picture
  • The main mechanical part of the juicer is the housing, it contains the motor of the juicer.
  • In step one connect the hopper with the chute just slightly push it downwards and it gets adjusted
  • In this step connect the juicing cover with the housing. As you can see the steps 2 and 3 mentioning it. Just push it into the locking system of the housing and rotate it clockwise. It adjusts into the housing.
  • Next place the auger end part in the motor, there is the place to adjust the auger. Push the auger into the place as shown in the figure. Auger is directly connected with the motor. Auger consumes the power of the motor to produce the juice from the food.
  • After properly placing the auger juicing screen is required to be placed. The juicing screen ensured all the fiber content does not pass to the juice and either it keeps it in the processing zone or is moved outwards. Place it over the auger and with a slight push it takes its place
  • Now place the end cap as mentioned at point 5 in the picture. Endcap gets over the juicing screen. There are settings of the end cap, these are adjusted as per the nature of the food in the juicer.
  • In the picture, you can see how to place the juicing container and the pulp collector. The juicing container is mentioned with the number and 9 and the pulp collector is with the number 8.
  • This is a highly recommended juicer for the celery by medical medium due to its ease of assembly and use as well as processing capacity of celery.

After each juicing session makes sure to clean all the parts of the juicers.

Adjustments for the juicing end cap

The juicing end cap has a unique pressure control system. It controls the pressure on the food in the processing zone. There are two ways to control the end cap

  • Anti Clockwise movement of the end cap increases more pressure on the food and more juice is extracted but one thing should be kept in mind all foods are not allowed to put full pressure. By this, their fiber may dissolve more and can pass into the juice. Like for celery juice, high pressure is a requirement for more juice. Clearly shown in the picture.


  • In the same way, if you want to put less pressure or the nature of food is for less pressure, you can adjust it by moving it anti-clockwise as shown in the picture for clear understanding.

end cap with green cap

  • For celery, herbs, and leafy greens, there is an additional part of the end cap. That is a green cap. By placing this green cap in the end cap more pressure is exerted on the celery and celery-like foods. By this additional part, more juice is ensured from such complex fiber foods.

How to wash Omega MM900HDS Juicer

    1. Washing MM900HDS is stress-free just follow these steps
    2. Disassemble the juicer
    3. Remove the juicing container and Pulp Collection container
    4. The next step is to remove the juicing end cap by just a slight push outwards
    5. Now remove the juicing screen as removed the end by slight pushing outwards. This part of the juicer has most of the fiber remains of the food.
    6. It’s time to remove the auger, it is directly connected with the motor and contains fibers on it. Just pull it out from the motor.
    7. It’s to remove the hopper from the chute, pull it out from the chute. That’s it.
    8. Move the lock anti clockwise and remove the drum part from the body.

All the parts are removed now wash one by one in soapy warm water. Just make sure to clean the motor or body parts with a soft cloth instead of water.

As it is not recommended to place motor into the water just use soft cloth for cleaning purposes with this part of the juicer.

Important Instructions While Using Omega MM900HDS


Some important instructions to consider while using the Omega MM900HDS

  1. Always follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  2. To protect against electrical shock, do not submerge lead, plug, or motor in water or any other liquid.
  3. Close administration is compulsory when any machine is used by children.
  4. Unplug from the outlet while no juicing, before assembling or disassembling, and before cleaning.
  5. Evade contact with mechanical parts.
  6. Do not use any electrical equipment with a broken cord or plug or after the appliance Breakdowns or has been damaged in any manner. Return juicer to the manufacturer for scrutiny, restoration, or electrical or mechanical alteration.
  7. The use of add-ons not suggested or sold by the company may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.
  8. Do not let cable hangover brink of table or counter or touch heated tops.
  9. Always make double-check to sure the juicer cover is placed tightly in place before the motor is turned on. Do not unlock locks while the juicer is in operation.
  10. Make sure the power button is in the on-off state after each use of the juicer. Ensure the motor stops totally before disassembling.
  11. Do not place your fingers or other stuff into the juicer while it is juicing. If food stuck in the opening, use a food pusher or another piece of fruit or vegetable to push it down to the processing zone. When it is not possible to turn the machine off, take out the plug from the wall outlet and disassemble the juicer to remove the stuck food.
  12. Not recommended to use outdoors.
  13. Do not use on or near a warm gas or electric burner or in a heated oven.
  14. Do not be over creative and use the juicer for juicing only.
  15. Keep hands and tools away from blades while processing
  16. Juicer Blades are sharp. Keep caution in mind during all sorts of operations.
  17. Always clean the juicer.


Jucerz Reviews Omega MM900HDS

Helping Hand

Here I am showing some of the customer reviews. Positive and negative reviews are always there. I recommend buyers check out the customer reviews before buying any product. Customer reviews are more authentic.

  • Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium is one of the best juicers for Leafy Greens because of the structure and design
  • The juicer is easy to assemble as it only comes with six parts. Fix it, and it is ready to juice
  • We can’t process full-size fruit and vegetable because of the small width chute, and cutting is required to process it for extracting juice.
  • It is only available for juicing
  • The pricing factor also is important to consider.
  • Celery juice is easily extracted with this juicer because of special caps available with the juicer to extract maximum juice

Most customers give positive reviews about the product. It is optimized specially for extracting celery juice, and customers are satisfied with its feature. If you are looking up for a juicer that extracts maximum juice of Celery, then without thinking for the second time, I recommend you to buy Omega MM900HDS.

The juicer is best for juicing. It is highly recommended for people looking up for a reliable juicer to extract celery juice.


Final Verdict About Best juicer for Leafy Greens

My Feelings

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium is one of the best juicers for extracting celery juice. It comes up with a dual-stage extraction that allows locking all nutrients. The Medical Medium endorses this juicer.

It claims that it is one of the best juicers available in the market for extracting the maximum of celery juice. Many people ask why it is good to drink celery juice. The reason is the nutrients in the celery juice.

The juice of the Celery is more beneficial, and it provides more nutrients than eating it. Celery is very beneficial for weight loss, skin, the immune system, and also best for the digestive system.

Many juicers don’t recommend juicing out Celery because they have no proper features and capacity to handle celery features. The juicer by OMEGA is best for celery juice and is the Best juicer for Leafy Greens as it has the capacity to extract plant juice.

Features of this juicer are of the next level, but it is only available for juicing. It is not available for soft fruits and vegetables. The stainless steel material of the blades makes sure to juice out celeries easily, and most importantly, it comes up with end caps specially designed for Celery that can put more pressure and juice extract quickly. It will allow extracting maximum juice.

The second most important thing about this product that makes it the Best juicer for Leafy Greens is that it is  Medical Medium that recommends and endorses the juicer. One can quickly review the product and buy it to get full nutrient celery glass juice. There are also some detailed review about the best juicers for greens if you want to lookinto for juicing the greens.

FAQs about Best juicer for Leafy Greens

People May Ask

Some of the frequent questions about Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium have answers below section, which will clarify more of your confusions related to the product.

Is Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium easy to use?

MM900HDS Medical Medium is one of the straight forward product available in the market. You need to assemble its six parts and start juicing. It will take one minute or less to juice out your favorite fruit and vegetable.

The only downside of the juicer is the small chute that can only fix the vegetables and fruits when cut into pieces. For juicing out Celery, it is good to insert the narrow side first and the flowery part in the end.

Keep in mind that the juicer is available with two end caps for celery juice. Use the available cap for celery juice because it has a tighter and cleared designed that will extract more celery juice. To get more juice out of Celery, you can also use a standard end cap.

Is MM900HDS easy to clean?

One of the best parts of this juicer is that all parts are dishwasher safe. To get the best results and exceptional clean out the juicer, soak the parts into the warm water, add a few drops of baking soda or dishwashing liquid, and wash it after 30 minutes.

The results will amaze you. Celery and some other leafy vegetables mostly leave some stains on the juicer. So, for exceptionally clean, do this trick.

Why is Omega MM900HDS best for juice out celeries?

As compared to other Omega slow cold press juicers, Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium is one of the best and reliable juicers for celeries just because of the additional celery end cap feature.

The end cap for celery juice is tighter that will allow extracting more juice out of Celery. In simple words, this feature of the end cap designed explicitly for Celery improves the efficiency and extracts more juice from Celery.

The other models of OMEGA slow juicers only come up with simple end caps that are reliable for other leafy vegetables but not for Celery.

Why does Medical Medium highly recommend it and why Best juicer for Leafy Greens?

Medical medium endorsed Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium. According to Anthony William, It is one of the best and reliable juicer for Celery. It is a Masticating juicer that extracts juice slowly and does not generate much heat compared to other juicers.

It helps to preserve all nutrients, and it will also minimize oxidation.

The other reason for medical medium endorsement for this product is that is design and has special caps available only to extract maximum nutrients from Celery and quickly extract the juice.

What is the size of MM900HDS?

The size of MM900HDS is a bit large in comparison to other juicers because of the celery extraction end caps and horizontal in shape.

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