5 Best Juicer for Celery Find Ultimate Buying Guide 2021

Celery juicer should be able to yield high, easy to clean, not to waste the celery and juice must contain all healthy nutrients vital for immunity boosting process, skincare, anti-acne, muscle growth, digestion improvement, diabetes and have many more health benefits. I have found the best juicer for celery check out this write-up.

 Juicing celery is an art. The primary reason for this is the structure of the celery. There are multiple juicing machines in the market. I have chosen top celery juicers in this review. it’s time to review the top picked juicers for celery, one by one with all pros and cons, and get to the ultimate Best Juicer for celery. In the first place you must note as you go through this article you will gain more knowledge about celery juicers and their operations. This knowledge will help you to rank the best juicer.

Best Juicer For Celery Quick Recommendations

My 10 years of working with juicers have revealed to me that every juicer can’t juice celery. Moreover, there are certain characteristics that decide that either juicer is best for celery juicing or not. In the following reviews, you will not only juice techniques but also learn all about the best celery juicers including processing features, mechanical parts, juicing logic, pros, cons, cleaning time, high yield, technical comparisons.

  Juicer Name Buying Details
1 AICOK AMR521 View on Amazon
2 Breville_JE98X View on Amazon
3 Omega J8006HDS View on Amazon
4 TriBest SW 2000 View on Amazon
5 Omega MM900HDS View on Amazon


1. Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar

tribest slowstar juicer

My Celery Juicing with Tribest SW2000


Low Rotational Speed and Healthy Contents are related how?

This juicer has 200-watt motor. In order to process the celery 200-watt motor is good enough. Motor power decides how much pressure is to be exerted on the rotational structure of the juicers. Coupled with other features celery juicer is ranked on the basis of a powerful motor too. Celery is squeezed and processed more efficiently with such powerful motor support. Undoublty this is a productive celery juicer. This juicer is electric, slow masticating, and easy to clean.

I always process slices of celery in these juicers to find desired results.  Working RPMs are low 47 RPMs which means more processing of celery in the juicer and more yield production. No doubt this juicer has low rotational speed or rotations per minute are only 47 this points out the juice will have more natural ingredients inside as celery has been processed in more time.

In contrast with other juicers, this juicer has twice the torque as it has 200 Watt motor and 47 RPMs. While juicers have 80 RPMs and motor power is 150 watts. This makes it different and productive. This is slow speed masticating Juicer.
You can have a detailed review of Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar of this juicer and more data about the functions of this juicer. 

Duo Blade Auger works efficiently?

While assembling this juicer its blade attracted my focus, it looked bigger in size and after reading the manual came to know its double in operation too. So I decided to test it immediately. This duo blade and Auger worked as promised by the manufacturer and it sliced juiced celery more efficiently.

I can say on the basis of my working experience the color of celery juice and dryness of the pulp tells the operation of the juicer for celery.

It Can mince too? 

Good or bad habit of mine until I will not use I will not say anything. Yes, this model has a mincing attachment with it. The question raised in my mind, why a juicer with mincing attachment? To ensure customer satisfaction? Yes, the answer I found was hiding in motor power.

Users like me are satisfied with results not with claims. So I decided to mince some onion in it. Well, intentionally kept pieces a bit larger in size but the powerful motor really minced it good. Sauces preparation is my next target on this machine.

Uniquely Leak Prevention and Cleaning Mechanism

In addition, Juicer comes with a detachable juicing cap. This cap performs two functions which you should be aware of.
Primarily this juicing cap prevents juice to be a leak around Secondly, this is helpful while cleaning this machine.

I simply detached and added water to auger hosing it helped me to risen the fiber present in the container rest is piece of cake and within almost 90 seconds I was able to clean it, again surprised. I do rank this juicer to be the best juicer for celery because of the yield, also it is easy to clean and time saver.

BPA Free Juicer, what is this?

In the first place, you should ask the juicer is BPA free or not. A commonly asked question is what is BPA free juicer? Juicers or juicer parts are commonly made of plastic. BPA is a chemical in very simple terms that are used in plastic manufacturing sin 1960.

Critics have found that BPA can cause complications and can disturb a healthy lifestyle. Well, the US Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly announced BPA is not as horrible as researchers have told. But in my personal opinion, I do try to avoid such chemicals which may be harmful to me.

Tribest SW-2000 juicer comes with 100% assurance BPA free assurance. You can get more details at mayo clinic about . After knowing this good point, decided it to share with you.

Pros and Cons of TriBest SW 2000
  • Multi-Purpose Juicing and grinding/mincing
  • Slow masticating
  • High Yield with all nutrients

  • Warranty claiming and replacement of parts is not easy to handle.
  • Customer support not up to the mark

2. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Breville is one of the well-known centrifugal juicers for fruits and vegetables, got into top celery juicers reviews. This juicer got my attention due to its design and speed. Let’s review the operational capabilities of this juicer.


Breville juicer

How can you control juicer speed?

I am amused to note that this Juicer has two electronic speed controls high speed and low-speed control. High-speed electronic control is basically for fruits and low-speed electronic control is for vegetables and soft fruits like barriers, grapes, bananas, etc. While this juicer is fast but still yields celery juice.

Speed control is the key to good celery juice. Traditionally juicers with a single-speed over the process the soft fruits and vegetables and especially celery remain non-processed or over-processed in high-speed juicers. With this speed-controlling idea, one may say it is the best juicer for celery.

Operational Voltage

This juicer works on 110-120 Volts. Volts are varied in various countries and many times people have lost their gadgets due to this variant standard of Voltage settings. Breville JE98XL is compatible with these standards and has risk free operation in any region on the globe. Such variation controls make users like me happy.

Warranty Period

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus has a warranty of one year.  It assures the working of the juicer and provides ultimate satisfaction for the user. The warranty period also reflects the confidence of the manufacturer but for me one year not a sufficient span of time in terms of the warranty.

My expectations were more warranty periods so on this point this juicer is unable to fit as the best juicer for celery and falls on the negative side.

Safety Locking add on feature

This product has a Safety Locking Arm which makes the juicing experience better. Properly closed cover and this feature ensure the processing of products within the juicer jug. This arm locking also helps to handle the processing at a higher rotational speed option is selected. This add on design technique is helpful while juicing at high rotational speeds.

Power Usage myths

Equally important to note, this juicer works on 850 watts which means, setting electronic control speed on option 1, blades rotate at very high speed and juice is prepared in a very low amount of time. We can say the best juicer for celery as it produces juice in a low amount of time, but it’s not the final argument because true celery juice full of minerals and vitamins is not produced at a very high rotational speed of the juicer.

it takes a while to process celery at low speeds this is what I have learned during my juicing hobby.

Load Management Screen another plus

Additionally, a small screen installed on the front of the juicer reflects the workload on the juicer. Of course, It is a sort of safety measure which enables the customer to understand how much product should be processed by the juicer in a single processing time.  

Extraction and Chute capabilities

The extraction system has an important role to play in any juicer for celery. This juicer has a good extraction system and chute size. Notably, It has a cutter made of stainless steel inside having a filter around ensuring minerals remain in the juice. The chute is 3 inches wide which enables the juicer to process whole pieces of celery.

Wider feed chute can make a juicer best juicer for celery?? Definitely, time is saved and the juicer easily processes the celery. Another key point is whole fruits and vegetables are processed due to a wide feed chute.

Juicer dimensions

In addition, it has a polymer body, stainless steel cutter, Micromesh basket which is also made of stainless steel, and a Juice jug is 1.1qt. The pulp container is 2.6qt. Dimensions of this juicer (W x D x H) are 12.6” x 14.1” x 16.4” Equally important to note that this celery juicer also comes with accessories 

  • 1qt Juice Jug with Froth Separator.
  • Cleaning Brush.

This is box title


  • Features to control speed for Hard and soft vegetables and fruits
  • High-Speed motor to yield quickly
  • Having warranty and is long-lasting


  • Masticating style juicer produces more nutrient juice as compared with this juicer.
  • Centrifugal rotating technique

3. Omega MM900HDS Low-Speed Masticating Celery Juicer

In the quest to find the best juicer for celery here is another celery juicer in the competition. Omega juicers are in the top markets for juicers but I only believe in the best as I use the product and it servers the purpose. 

Omega MM900HDS celery juicer has a low-speed masticating method to extract all nutrition from celery. Indeed, non-Centrifugal Juicer.  Certainly, in masticating technique celery is processed more by the juicer ratio of waste produced is very less, which means more juice and less waste of healthy nutrients.

Well, this statement reflects that this may be the best juicer for celery but one should have to explore more of its features before declaring its best juicer for celery. I have learned the following features of this celery juicer.


omega 900hds juicer

Processing Speed is slow?

Omega MM900HDS celery juicer is only 80 RPM and such speed for juicer means celery in the juicer is processing more. Temperature destroys healthy enzymes and we know highly rotated fruits and vegetables get heat up easily. While in a slow juicer like this heating up is not an option so anti-oxidants and enzymes remain in good posture.

This notable functionality makes this juicer best juicer for celery. Let’s suppose celery juice has no minerals. Why we are juicing?  After all, looking to have juice full of required minerals, a slow juicing or masticating approach is to get all minerals from celery. I love to have celery juice and minerals at the same time. This celery juicer is slow speed masticating juicer.

The dual-stage masticating technique is effective?

It is a two-stage process. At the first stage, celery rotates and chewed. In the second stage, it passes through a filter. As a result majority of celery is converted into juice and less waste comes out. Omega MM900HDS celery juicer works with help of a dual-stage masticating technique and all good nutrients and vitamins remain available as well as taste of the juice is found perfectly natural.

This method produces a high yield. It saves healthy nutrients and money too. In spite of wasting the celery juicer converts into juice. Celery juicer categorized as the best juicer for celery should have this quality. I am writing it because I have experienced it as in each stage celery juice is extracted so higher yield is obtained.

What are Pressure Settings for Maximum Yield?

For maximum celery juice extraction, this juicer has adjustable celery end cap adjustments. The magic lies in the green cap which controls the flow of celery. There are 3 pressure settings for the end cap as per the need of the user according to fruits or vegetables being processed.

 Straight away note that the primary objective is to get maximum celery juice. Don’t allow waste of celery and the celery nutrients. Good design makes it possible to process celery more. The best juicer for celery has adjustments as per the needs of the user in other words it must be flexible in functionality. However, I am not juicing hard fruits in this juicer. In reality, I use a quick juicer for apples and pineapples.

The logic behind is the capability of the juicer is not to handle hard fruits. Due to design and pressure settings, I get a good yield of celery juice.

Power setup

Omega MM900HDS with gear reduction has 2 horsepower motor. Above all, the best part is it not noisy. Yes, I love it and must say the best juicer for celery because of the low noise. Works quietly and yields the celery juice with all health aspects. At the same time usage of this juicer is very easy. Do not cut celery into pieces just feed whole celery into the chute.

Juicer processes whole celery with ease. With keeping in mind that this juicer has a wide chute, wash celery properly and feed it to the juicer, there you go celery juicing has started. Despite this juicer has a powerful motor to operate but still a time takin process to obtain a glass of juice. So the tradeoff is time.

Cleaning the Juicer

The cleaning and washing part is very easy for this juicer. The pulp is celery produce after celery processing.  Juicer exerts pulp out automatically, cleaning requires less effort.

It is easy to detach processing parts from the motor as a result it easy to clean without any issue because motor parts are advised to keep away from water. The best juicer for celery should be easy to clean, I am able to wash it easily.

Dimensions and Warranty Aspects

Omega MM900HDS  celery juicer has dual extraction. This dual step extraction system ensures that all the nutrients are extracted and nothing goes into waste. In other words, high juice yield saves money and your grocery bill. Having 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches in dimension. The warranty for this juicer is 15 years.


Pros and Cons of Omega MM900HDS


  • Industry-leading 15 Year warranty
  • Endorsed by Medical Medium
  • High Yield with all nutrients
  • 2 horsepower motor


  • Gasket deteriorates early, not recommended to use for small business
  • Specifically for celery, other fruits require extra effort like oranges must be peeled

4. AICOK AMR521 Celery Juice Maker

 Aicok Juicers are in the count for juicing. AICOK AMR521 Celery juicer. This juicer is also versatile and handy as discussed earlier juicers. Let’s check this juicer has good operational functionalities or not. The following section comprehensively covers the operations of this juicer.

You may decide it’s a good celery juicer or not on the basis of research by me? Upgraded Spiral Masticating Technology (USMT) is the key component.

best celery juicer AICOK

Slow Masticating technology is the key to juice celery, as it has been proved that in order to juice celery, best method is the Masticating method. This juicer has better designed juicing and crushing the Masticating paddle of the juicer. Low-speed RPM(Rotations per minute) is 80 which means slow and proper processing of celery.

Particularly this juicer spiral paddle increases the processing of the fruits and vegetables in the juicer. Without a doubt one of the best juicers for celery because of the operational design of the juicer. The point often overlooked is the quality of celery juice while selecting a juicer for celery.

How to get Maximum celery juice Yield?

This juicer’s technology for juicing works on seven basic juicing steps cutting, breaking, squeezing, milling, separating, grinding, and extraction. With the integration of these steps in design, the yield is significantly high. Explicitly it converts 90 percent of celery into celery juice and pulp is very low in quantity as compared with other celery juicers.

likewise, If the yield is the factor is to be kept in mind then no doubt the best juicer for celery is AICOK AMR521.

Nutritional Control additional benefit

Important to realize is the basic objective, which is to get celery juice with its all nutritional elements. of course, AICOK AMR521 has proved it, by using the slow masticating juicing technique and enhancing it with spiral design technology. Notably, the yield is much better, with full of celery nutrition and the anti-oxidants.

The color of the juice is worth to be noticed anti-oxidants remain preserved due to the slow mastication process and heat impact is none on the juice. Solved nutrients make it more attractive to drink.

Manufacturing materials

The Point overlooked is the manufacturing material of the celery juicer. If the material is good, It gives you satisfaction in terms of usage and value of money. Such explicit details are always the manual present in the juicer box the same information also remains available on the websites of the manufacturers.

The total weight of this juicer is 3.74 Kg including all its equipment. Despite it is a low weight but still I think steel is more durable than this plastic sheet although the operations of this juicer are good, I am not satisfied with the manufacturing material used for it. 

This juicer is made of PMMA / ABS plastic sheet material. On the positive side, these materials are sustainable and are of high impact resistance. You can learn more about Plastic Juicer Material if you are interested in manufacturing juicer.

Impact on the Environment

Above all, the best juicer for celery should be environment friendly and I was expecting the same from this juicer. It is good to note noise made by this juicer is low and in technical terms, it varies between 50 decibels to 60 decibels depending upon the product under process in the juicer.

 Surprisingly, the result is a less noisy juicer. During juicing celery noise level is low and the noise does not like grinding and crushing in action as observed with other juicers.

Assembling and Cleaning are easy?  

However, after unboxing, just in three steps, you attach the motor with a spiral rotational paddle and pulp extraction point. Place juice collector jug under the first point for juice and place pulp container under the pulp extraction point. There you go setup is ready for juicing.

Just Insert celery into the chute, celery juice is ready. Of course, it is an easy three-step assembling process let’s check the cleaning process too. The cleaning part is always less attractive to me but nevertheless has to do it. Just remove the extraction point and paddle from the motor and let the tap water clean the remains. Juicer produces celery juice within a minute and cleaning time is also a minute.

Reverse Function what is it?

Surprisingly a reverse function in this juicer and made me curious to know how it works? You should also know about it. It’s an operation button that controls the rotation of the spiral juicing paddle. The paddle moves Clockwise as the button is On.

The same way the paddle moves anticlockwise if the button is on R. R stands for reverse. But What is the need for a reverse function? Because it significantly helps in cleaning the juicer. Notably, as the paddle moves anti-clockwise almost all sticky pulp moves out of the extraction point. For this particular reason, the cleaning time is less.

Pros and Cons of AICOK AMR521


  • Reverse rotation option
  • Easy to Assemble
  • High Yield with pure nutrients
  • Easy to wash


  • Takes a long time to process
  • Plastic parts deteriorate if using commercially

5.Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center

This juicer is explicitly part of the celery best juicers list. This is a multi-purpose juicer having the ability to process celery and other fruits and vegetables as well. Let’s dig into features of another Omega Juicer

j8006 best juicer for celery


Does the dual Stage Slow Speed Masticating technique work?

Must be remembered that yield with nutrients has become standard to measure the performance of any celery juicer and even to decide the best celery juicer among the list of best juicers. Need to point out that the above-reviewed juicers for celery have an edge of high yield but the only reason on the negative side is the slow speed masticating technique.  The same way I experienced Omega J8006HDS has this technique for juicing celery.

Celery processed for juice yielded 90 percent of juice in comparison with the pulp produced. Anti-oxidant nutrients are present in the juice. For this reason, this juicer is on the list of the best juicers.

Power factor and RPM

On the positive side, this juicer works on 200 watts and Rotations per minute are 80 (RPM). For this reason, low rotational speed means more consumption of fruits and vegetables in the juicer. The thing that you should know is that celery processing is not easy on the juicers because of its fiber structure.

Indeed, the best way to process celery is to cut celery into pieces and pass it to the chute, juicers process each piece of the celery, and make juice from it. In fact, this is the method I use with the Omega version of celery juicers.

In fact, at low rotation heat factor do not impact the celery juice enzymes. Juice contains healthy enzymes and natural elements.

Nutrition Centre Already reviewed Omega MM900HDS celery juicer having the same features as this juicer in terms of celery juicing but has different additional featuer from MM900HDS. This juicer is helping me while

  • Converting nuts into butter
  • Processing pasta
  • Grinding coffee
  • Grinding spices
  • Mincing herbs like ginger and garlic
  • Preparing baby food
  • Frozen deserts
  • Also whipping soya milk in this Nutrition center

in fact, additional features are relateable to the price of a product. Certainly, More features mean a slight rise in cost too. Juicing celery is also a major feature of this juicer. A detailed discussion about these features is out of the scope of this topic and will be covered in a separate review of this machine.

Noise factor and Celery Processing

Need to point out that the manufacturer claims it has a low noise-producing machine but the noise production rate varies as I try to juice celery with it and after a while, I tried to grind spices, not too loud but there was a difference in both activities.

The trick is to cut celery into half and juice it. Noise factor reduces.  I need to point out as celery is processed it is noticed that the pulp produced is in an almost dry state and  Nutrition Centre is processing almost all celery and converting it into juice. While processing the celery noise factor is not significantly high it remains in the normal range.

Technical Adjustments for Yield Control?

While using this celery juicer, there are interesting end cap adjustments. These are 5 types of adjustments and basically used to control pulp extraction. Notably, the juicer produces more juice with these settings. Another key point is these adjustments vary as the type of food processing varies in the Food Centre.

For celery juice, I have put it on the last level i-e 5 to get maximum juice but if you are processing some other fruits or vegetables this control may be adjusted accordingly. You need to demonstrate to your own self, to learn how these settings work.

These five settings as well as there is major role of a powerful motor and dual-stage juicing mechanism to produce a high yield of juice.

Working Voltages

Particularly this model has two voltage settings. For non-tech readers, voltage is electrical energy that runs the mechanical parts of the juicers. This juicer can work on 110 volts and 120 volts too. As voltage standards are variant in various countries Omega takes care of this important variation in this juicing machine in order to avoid inconvenience.

  Additionally, advice from my side is to always check the operating voltage of any device before plugging it into the power socket.

Manufacturing Material and Warranty important

This juicer is 13 Pounds in weight and the manufacturing material is stainless steel. Plastic parts are easily adjustable, these parts are removable from the motor for washing or cleaning. In reality, it is easy to wash. I like juicers in stainless steel because of their durability.

The warranty card has shown this product has a warranty of 15 Years on parts and performance too. This feature from Omega really makes this the best juicer for celery and the best juicer on market.

What can Juice?  Above all, it juices all kinds of vegetables including carrots, beets, celery, peppers, and radishes  Kale, cabbage, spinach, and pine tree needles are just some of the natural products that can be juiced.

Pros and Cons of Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center


  • Multi-Purpose Juicing and grinding
  • Industry-leading warranty 15 Years
  • High Yield with all nutrients


  • Celery Jumping back in chute if celery is not cut
  • Parts replacement is relatively not easy

Best Celery Juicers Ranking Table

In fact, my objective is to find best celery juicer with this intention I am ranking all celery juicers on the basis of Yield production, Process time, Enzyme protection, Operations, Warranty, Noise factor and Pricing.

Juicer Name Rank out of 10
AICOK AMR521 9.4
Breville_JE98X 9.2
Omega J8006HDS 9.7
TriBest SW 2000 9.6
Omega MM900HDS 9.6

Celery Juicers Ranking Chart

Best Celery Juicer ranking chart

Difference between Centrifugal and Cold Press Juicers

You may say it like types of celery juicers. This is a tricky part to address the difference between the juicers. Some juicers are good at making whipping and preparation of dips while some juicers provide drinks full of vitamins due to technical reasons behind.

I have reviewed 5 juicers in the above section some of these juicers are Centrifugal Juicers, some are categorized as Masticating (Cold Press) Juicers. Let’s learn the ultimate difference between these types of juicers Centrifugal Juicers use centrifugal force to juice the Fruits and Vegetable, centrifugal juicers rotate at very speed, and at high-speed fruits and vegetables are crushed.

While Masticating or Cold Press Juicers do not rotate at very high speed, these juicers rotate and screw at low speed so that repeated pressure is exerted on the fruits and vegetables to extract more juice. On the positive side, Cold Press Juicers are prioritized more as compared with other centrifugal juicers.

The reason for this priority is the usage of both techniques in a single juicer. Cold Press Juicers can juice by grinding and pressing. With this method, more juice is yielded and fewer fruits and vegetables are wasted. Keeping this fact in mind we can rank these juicers as best.

Type First

Centrifugal Juicers

It is important to realize, If you are a busy person and always have a calculated amount of time for daily activities then Centrifugal juicers are for you. In other words, centrifugal juicers are time savers. It is important to point out that less preparation time for fruits and vegetables is required.

Depending upon the chute size of centrifugal juicers large chunks of fruits and can be processed easily. As these juicers have fast speed moving blades need for chopping of fruits and vegetables is not required. Whole carrots, apples, and such fruits and vegetables are processed in a matter of seconds.

Centrifugal juicers are particularly recommended for the processing of hard fruits and vegetables like Apples, Avocado, pineapple, carrots, beetroot. Centrifugal juicers slice and crush the food at a very high speed and save extra preparation time while slow juicers require more preparations.

Washing and cleaning part for Centrifugal Juicers is easy because the main processing parts in these juicers are normally detachable as a result these are easy to wash.

Type Two

Cold Press Juicers – Masticating Style Best Juicers for Celery

Markedly operations of cold press juicers are different as compared with the Centrifugal Juicers. These juicers require preparations like cutting fruits and vegetables into smaller chunks and pieces and these pieces are squeezed at a slow rotational speed.

It is a slow process as compared with the Centrifugal Juicers but Cold press juicers produce much healthy juice for this reason cold press juicers are on priority. Another key point is, cold press juicer produces less waste and provides a higher yield of juice. These are categorized as slow juicers.

There is a reason why these juicers are called cold press juicers and that reason is the temperature control of the juice. In view of last words note that as fruits and vegetables are processed at higher rotational speed, nutrients in the juice are lost to some extent but in cold press juicers no such things happen and all the natural ingredients remain intact.

Enzymes and vitamins are lost as the temperature of the juice are increased. With this in mind, leafy green vegetables, wheatgrass, and celery are recommended to be juiced with Cold press juicers. Slow Juicers produce the results we are looking for.

On the negative side cleaning the cold press juicers is not as easy as centrifugal juicers are because we have to remove mechanical parts in order to wash the remains of the leafy green vegetables or a product like these. Slow juicers do take time but ensures the quality of celery juice.

Best Juicer For Celery Juice

All the focus is around the celery juice and its content preservation. A juicer that can produce celery juice with its true nutrition is the juicer you are looking for because perfect celery juice protects our body and rebuilds it. Let’s decide which is the best juicer for celery juice. Here is the list of juicers jucerz have under review

1 AICOK AMR521 Aicok AMR521 Review
2 Breville_JE98X breville je98xl Review
3 Omega J8006HDS Omega J8006 Review
4 TriBest SW 2000 Tribest sw 2000 Review
5 Omega MM900HDS Omega MM900HDS Review

jucerz is sharing observations on the basis of experience. In the above five juicers, celery juicing is done on daily basis and found the following produce information  Best Juicer For Celery Juice In the above produce chart, you can see the produce response if each celery juicer as 0.5 Kg of the celery juicing is done. Omega J8006 clearly took the lead and has a ranking of 1.5 among the others.

Final Recommendation for Best Juicer for Celery 

As shown above, I have been explaining the pros and cons of each celery juicer, you can easily understand the dynamics and research behind finding these pros and cons. My choice for the best celery juicer is Omega J8006HDS. There are multiple reasons to choose this juicer. These reasons are as following

  • The rate of celery juice production is high i-e has a high yield of celery juice especially
  • I need to point out, cleaning time is average.
  • Another key point is Celery Juice has nutrients because of the masticating technique of this juicer
  • Notably slow processing of celery converting max celery into juice
  • On the positive side, the juicer has additional features like mincing, grinding, etc
  • The positive side is, this is slow speed Masticating Juicer for celery
  • Explicitly have a warranty for 15 years

The first thing to remember is health and no one can deny health benefits from celery juice. My conclusion about this discussion is to use Cold Press Masticating Juicer for celery juice. The reason for this recommendation is the presence of healthy ingredients like enzymes and vitamins in fresh celery juice.

Although Cold Press Masticating Juicers might be particularly higher in cost. But the price is nothing as particularly one notes improvement in healthy body and skin by using celery juice. 

FAQs For Celery Juicers

People like to ask the Following Questions

What is Best celery Juicer on market?
The best juicer for celery is indeed a juicer that can yield maximum juice, yield full of essential vitamins, and is easy to clean. The best juicer brands in the market include Omega, Tribest, Breville, AICOK. These are market-leading brands. These branded juicers provide high-quality yield. My Recommended best Juicer for celery is Omega J8006HDS.

How to Juice celery?
Wash the celery bunch and remove dirt properly. Cut celery into small chunks. Run the chunks through your favorite juicer. That’s it your celery juice is ready. In this case, utilize celery juice fresh as it prepared. Fresh celery juice retains best form of enzymes and vitamins

Can you preserve celery juice?
Nutritionists recommend consuming celery juice right after its production as fresh celery juice has health enzymes and vitamins. In reality, it is good to avoid keeping celery juice in the fridge. Use a Mason jar to store celery juice in the fridge. Celery juice taste changes a lot after 24 hours.

How to improve celery juice?
Some people surprisingly think Celery juice has a strong taste and if you want to improve the taste a bit you can juice an apple or cucumber with the celery. You will explicitly get an enhanced flavor and extra vitamins as well.

How much celery juice per day to consume?
Health conscious people must consult health consultant before deciding the celery usage quantity. Normally thirty ounces of daily celery consumption is sufficient if using for immunity improvement or for skincare. It is good to consume fresh celery juice early in the morning.

If you have still questions you can write in the comment section or can reach me via the contact us page. 

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