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Are you looking for a masticating AICOK slow juicer with a high nutritional yield and reasonable price range? In this case, You are at the right place and about to read Aicok slow Juicer Review having the capability to juice leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables as well as additional features like reverse rotation. Best masticating slow juicer in the list of team and experts

Aicok Amr521 review


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AICOK Juicer Review Masticating Slow Juicer

After unboxing aicok juicer is amazing to find the manual inside the box with all details. The most notable thing is the operation of this juice extractor. It is a masticating juicer and another key point is spiral technology working in this juicer. Along with spiral technology, this juicer is a slow juicer. In my opinion, it is an extra edge for the juice extractor. Let’s get into the details

Why this Juicer Produces more juice?

The point often overlooked is the Juice benefits, do the nutritional components of the juice exist?. Research is showing that Masticating and slow juicing technology is keeping these components intact and ensures the natural taste of the juice. Notably, juicers are using the grind, push, and press techniques to extract juice from fruits and vegetables.


Especially, spiral rotational technology makes the aicok juicer unique. 80RPM is the rotational speed that reflects it is a slow juicer and has a masticating approach. Certainly, this is great for me as I am using it for the celery juice extraction. For celery juice, the best-recommended juicer is a slow masticating juicer.

The spiral masticating technique of aicok juicer consists of seven following working parts

seven steps spiral tech

  • Cuts the fruits and vegetables for processing
  • As cutting is done breaking of the food is the next step
  • From the parts of the fruits and vegetables, it squeezes the content
  • In the next step, this mechanism filters the useable from non-useable content
  • During the filtration, process separation has taken place for perfect juicing from the fruits and vegetables
  • Grinding is the main aspect. Grind again and again due to its design
  • Finally, what we are getting is a pure juice full of enzymes that our body needs

An aspect to note is masticating style juicers are not as quick to produce as non-masticating juicers do. As a result, keep in mind this juicer may need extra minutes to produce the required juice.

How this slow juicer affects your health?

Slow juicers are almost in every kitchen nowadays. To point out the reason that these juicers are known to keep good juice elements in the juice. While the fast juicer can process food in seconds but I count it on the negative side. In the trade of time, other juicers may demolish the good content of juice and save a little time.

In fact, I am making celery juice regularly with the aicok juicer and it is extremely easy to juice. My family is consuming this juice regularly in the morning.  The taste of the juice is different as sometimes I am drinking it from the market, the reason is the masticating slow juicer technique in the juicing phenomenon.

In general for my knowledge, I am also observing the crushing method of this juicer. As I am not cutting the celery or carrots sometimes just passing to the chute of the juicer and it is just processing it. Truly, saving my extra preparations time. One thing to note is every juicer can not juice celery like the way this juicer can. This is what I am learning from my experience with this juicer.

undoubtedly, AICOK slow Juicer is providing me the nutritional enzymes in celery juice that are helping me to control my digestive activities and keeping the glucose levels in good control.

What is Aicok Juicer Made off?

This is always a concerning subject to me. In fact, it is worth mentioning the manufacturing material AICOK Juicer is plastic of a specific category abbreviated as PMMA/ABS. It is long-lasting and has resistance against the impact.

This plastic material is also not harmful to health. As some types of plastics are not good for health. If it is interesting for you to research more about the PMMA/ABS you can check research on this subject.

Explicitly the weight of this juicer is 3.74 Kg. It is quite less in comparison with the steel made juicers.

Quality Assurance

On the positive side, this juicer comes with Life Long Technical Consultation from the manufacturers. Significantly, the juicer has UL/ETL Certification. Using this juicer for commercial purposes is not a good practice. I feel free to experiment with this juicer like mixing vegetables and fruits for cocktails.

Noise factor

Surprisingly this is a less noisy juicer.  Depending upon the product being juiced in this juicer noise level remains between fifty to sixty decibels.  You can say particularly this is an environment-friendly slow juicer. Explicitly masticating juicers are a bit loud while juicing but it works almost silently.

The noise factor is a very important consideration for me as sometimes I like to juice late at night and don’t want to disturb anyone.

Time Saving Feature of Aicok  Juicer

Surprisingly to note that there is a reverse moving function in the motor of this juicer. The question must arise, What does this reverse rotation do?

 This rotation has two aspects, firstly it ensures all the fruits and vegetables chunks are rotated along with the auger, and secondly as it is rotating in reverse nothing or very less pulp sticks with the auger and filter that makes it very easy to clean these parts. Indeed a time-saving quality for frequent juicers like me. 

Notably, high yield and less to clean.

Specifications for AICOK AMR521 Juicer


If you are a potential buyer for this juicer you surely must go through the specs of this juicer

Color Black
Weight 4.49 pounds
Dimensions 16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches
Material PMMA / ABS Plastic
Slow Masticating RPM 80 RPM
Noise Ratio 50 to 60 Decibels
Auger Long Spiral Auger
Wattage 150 W  and Voltage: 110 V
Add ons Washing Brush, Juicing Cup, Pulp Collector

Is this a Slow Juicer Machine?

Undoublty, Aicok Juicer is Categorised as a slow juicer machine. The reason behind this is the architecture and technology of the juicer. In reality, it is specifically built to juice the fruits and vegetables which are not good to be juiced in fast juicers. The primary reason is the control of temperatures in the juicer. As juicing takes place at higher speeds essential nutrients may be lost.

In contrast with the yield and design of this masticating juicer, juicing is fun and healthy with this slow juicer. This is the way it is different from the other juicers in the race.

Aicok juicer juices what fruits and vegetables?

This juicer is good at juicing fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. On the other hand, my juicing experience with this juicer includes juicing the beets, ginger roots, cucumber, spinach, celery, wheatgrass, leafy greens, pears, apples, kale, green apples, and orange.

The majority of the mentioned food is well processed in a slow masticating juicer only. Slow juicers like this processes food again and again till the last drop of juice.

But important to realize that for orange processing peeling of orange is essential because this is not a citrus processor.

How to find best fruits and vegetables for juicing?

Must Follow

  • The first thing to remember always to have fresh fruits and vegetable fresh products have more juice ratio. Pineapples, beetroots, celery sticks, apples, cucumbers, mandarin oranges, spinach, melons, tomatoes, and grapes as well as others are notably suitable for juicing
  • Keep in mind, there is no need to peel the thin skin of fruits and vegetables while thick skin is required to be removed before processing in juicers, such as mandarin oranges, pineapple, and unripe beetroots. Citrus fruit seeds make the juice bitter. Remove seeds before processing citrus.
  • I need to point out, for juicing the apples, apple variety decides the concentration; if the apples are rich in more juice, the concentration of the apple juice is less. As a result, we need to select the apple varieties for juice on the basis of the concentration you want
  • Fresh Apple juice turns brown in no time as a result it does not look good. But if you add a few drops of lemon juice to slow the color-changing process.
  • Notably, Leaves and leaf stems (like celery and lettuce) may be processed into the slow juicer for juicing.
  • Explicitly, this slow juicer is also part of best jujciers for celery. check the details of you are a celery juice lover.

Before taking a decision must read


  • Reverse rotation makes it good to produce more juice
  • It is easy to Assemble and disassemble
  • Like slow juicers ensures high yield with all vitamins
  • The cleaning process of this juicer easy and hardly takes two minutes to wash


  • Takes more time to produce juice as compared with quick juicers
  • It has low commercial usage and parts do not support daily bulk juicing 

Of course, I am not the advocate of this juicer but I am a satisfied user of this slow juicer. I am regularly sharing information as much as I am learning about this juicer on regular grounds. So in spite of focusing on the goods and presenting the bad too for the good learners.

Though it takes a bit of extra time to produce juice but natural flavor and color are matchless in other words takes time and produces good juice for health.

Juicer Name Buying Details
AICOK AMR521 Buy on Amazon

How to  Use and Review Aicok Juicer AMR521

Parts of AICOK Juicer

Parts of AICOK Juicer amr 521

Parts of Aicok Juicer

Buy Parts Functioning Details
Power cord or line   Surely, For connecting juicer with electricity plug.
Machine body   The motor of the juicer is inside the main body of the juicer. The main body hence provides the force of rotation to the parts for slow juicing process.
Feed Chute Buy on Amazon Feed chute passes the food to the processing area
Power switch   The power switch of the juicer has the controlling power. It controls the modes of the juicer. You can particularly rotate the motor clockwise and the other option is anti-clockwise.
Lock Button   The locking button keeps the body and juicing parts intact. We can then detach the parts with the same button.
Juice jar   Collects the juice from the juicer.
Pomace cup Buy on Amazon It collects the remains or pulp of the fruits and vegetables.
Pushing rod   The pushing Rod or Pusher pushes the small chunks to the processing part of the juicer.
Tray   On top of the juicer, the tray contains the food chunks. Forthwith we keep pushing for processing and juice production
The container for juicing   We place it under the juicing nose. Consequently, after processing juice comes into the juicing container and the pulp moves out of the juicer.
Spiral propeller Buy on Amazon This is one of the main parts of the juicer. It crushes and rotates the food chunks, again and again hence ensuring all the juice is in the juicing container. Then Leftover pulp moves out of the machine.
Juice net (Filter) Buy on Amazon The juicing net filters the juice for this reason the juicing net has small holes. It allows juice to pass and keeps the food closer to the auger or spiral propeller. Accordingly, it ensures only juice moves to the container.
Cover of the container for juicing   Connect with the container for juicing for safety protection.

Assembling Slow Juicer Masticating AICOK


Assembling Aicok Juicer is easy. Follow these steps and you are going to assemble it in minutes


No. Assembling Instructions
Step-1 Connecting Container with Machine Body

step1 assebling aicok juicerThe first thing to remember, make sure the central part of the feeding part is in alignment with the body part of the juicer. Particularly, there are three holding buckles inside it. Which holds and keeps the parts tight to each other. Consequently, after placing it at the right spot now moves it clockwise. Then there will be a click sound and parts will be adjusted as you can see in the picture.



Step-2 Aligning Screw Propeller

step2 assembling aicok juicerPlace Screw Propeller as shown in the picture and insert into the screw shaft part. Push it and slightly rotate it. This propeller is getting rotational power from the motor and placing it right is essential. Make sure all the metallic part is inserted completely into its place.


Step-3 Juicing Net Placement

step3 assebling aicok juicerNext, we are placing the main filter in the processing part of the juicer. Then the edge of the auger or shaft moves inside the juicing filter and all the food chunk squeezing produces a high yield. In fact large hole towards the propeller and with a slight push it will adjust.


The filter is a very important part and notably, placement is very easy. But while cleaning it surely should be cleaned well. It is an important tip because yield depends on these tiny holes of the filter. So it should be clean like its a new one.

Step-4  End Cap Container Cap

step4 assembling aicok juicercertainly, placing the end cap is easy. I this case, Place it at the end of the container over the locks and rotate it anti-clockwise. That’s it, your setup for juicing is ready to produce the juice. By all means, to ensure this container cap proper placement is essential as it locks the content inside the juicer. The only waste pulp comes out of this part of the juicer.



Step-5 Place Tray on feeding Tube

step5 assembling aicok juicerPlace tray on the top of the feeding tube of the juicer and with a slight push, it adjusts easily. The feeding tray keeps chunks of fruits and vegetables. From tray chunk moves to the processing zone of the juicer.

Besides as per chute size fruits and vegetables can pass through but good practice is to cut the food before juicing.

Step-6 Place Juicing Container

step6 assembling aicok juicerThe juicing nozzle is right beneath the filtration module is visible in the picture. Put juicing container right there. Markedly, if all the parts are at their position all the juice flows into the container through this juicing nozzle.


Keep the container at this place until the auger keeps rotating even after the juicer is powered off.


Step-7 Place Pulp Collection Container

step7 assembling aicok juicerThis part collects the pulp or waste coming out of the juicer. Another key point to note, place the high end under the nose of the end cap.  All the pulp gets into it automatically. Place it near the juicing glass as it is shown in the picture.



Step-8 Power Setup

step8 assembling aicok juicerNow it’s time to turn on the juicer. Place the switch in the power socket. A point often overlooked is to make sure the juicer power button is on the off state.



Using AICOK Juicer AMR521 


Fruits and Vegetable Preparation

First of all wash the product you are juicing. Cut into pieces so that it can pass through the feeding tube. Put these fruits or vegetables on the tray.

It is worth mentioning if you are juicing something having thick peel or seeds removing it before juicing is essential.

2 Power Button


Before touching this green button you must learn, pressing the ON side of the button means, start working and juicing. The motor moves clockwise and the same way R side means Auger moves anti-clockwise and rotation is Reverse.


3 Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Put the food on the tray, ensure if peeling is required or not. For Smaller chunks pusher comes into action. With Pusher food reaches the processing zone with more ease.

It is advised to keep fingers away from the feeding tube and only process fruits and vegetables in it. Clearly, precaution is essential to follow.

4 Happy Juicing

Above all, Drinking fresh juice is good for health. Always keep yourself safe and do not expose to electrical hazards while juicing. Juicing with AICOK AMR521 is fun.  It is easy to assemble and use. It provides high yields of juicing because of the slow masticating technique with the Reverse rotation option.

How to Wash Slow Juicer Aicok 

Unbdoubtly, washing Aicok Juicer is fairly straight forward and the estimated time to wash this juicer is 2 minutes. Following are the steps to accomplish the wash process.

Step-1 Use Reverse Function

aicok button

Cleaning juicers is not an easy task. Aicok knows it and with this intent they are providing this featureof reverse rotation. Aicok Juicer has a reverse rotation function.

By using this feature before washing it is easy to clean the juicer because as rotation is anticlockwise stick pulp comes into the exertion chamber. It is recommended to use this feature.

Step-2 Remove End Cap or Extraction cap

part aicok juicer

This cap is fitted at the last during assembly but removed first while cleaning. This juicer pushes almost all the pulp out but still some remains on this end cap part. In view of this prospect cleaning this partproperly is an essential step.

Step-3 Remove Juicing Net

juicing net cleaning aicok

After removing the juicing net you can see the pulp inside. It is recommended to clean the juicing net with a washing brush.  It is the main filter and has a role while producing a high yield of juice. In case juicing screen is not clean and pulp dries up, cleaning it becomes havoc.

Step-4 Remove Auger or Spiral Propeller

Spiral Propeller cleaning

Spiral Propeller contains sticky pulp on it. Just a slight rotation and outward push is sufficient to separate it from the motor. Then bring it under the tap water and within seconds all the pulp washes away.

Step-5 Remove Cover attached with Juicer Body

aicok cover

Unlike other parts, just placing it under the tap water is sufficient normally. Washing it is easy and with a washing brush, it hardly takes a few seconds to clean it. While removing it from the main part it is required to be rotated anti-clockwise and it comes out of the main part locks.

These are the few easy steps by following you can easily your Aicok Juicer. The washing brush comes with the juicer.

Juicer Name Buying Details
AICOK AMR521 View on Amazon

Safety Measure for Slow Juicer Masticating AICOK AMR521 Juicer

  1. I need to point out that the working Voltage for this juicer is 120V~60Hz so make sure you are providing the correct voltage to it.

2.  Significantly important to note, while Assembling and unassembling for washing make sure it is not connected with an electricity source.

3. If the Juicer is not working or damaged. In this case contact aicok support instead of trying at home, this may be a harmful option to try it at home. 

4. Surely check while assembling a new juicer, all the components are present in the box of the juicer.

5. Certainly take a double check while assembling that all the components are in the correct place and installed properly

6. The recommendations are to use the pushing rod for pushing the fruits and vegetables in the processing zone. In this case, always keep your hand and fingers away from the food tube feeding hole. 

Must Check

7. In general, hard seed removal and thick peel removal is good for juicing. It is good to process the fruits and vegetables in small chunks. 

8. Lightly push and press the food and juicing material. Indeed, It is better to cut fruits and vegetables before juicing in aicok juicer.

9. There is a chip that can control the operation of the juicer for the sake of protection. Juicer automatically shuts down if it is not used for 20 to 30 minutes. Notably juicer life increases.

10. Current limiting mechanism is present in this juicer. When current flows in over 1.3A the motor of this juicer stops working in case automatically and the beep sound starts. I like this safety feature because it protects the juicer as this feature extends the life span of the juicer. In other words money-saving technique.

11. Research team has found that sometimes juicers may stall due to electricity fluctuations. In such a scenario juicer motor also doesn’t rotate anticlockwise. With this keeping in mind, recommendations are to power off the juicer and remove all food from the juicer.

12. In the light of my experience, best practice is to use the juicer and detach all the detachable parts. Also, ensure the power switch is not in the power plug.

13. Do not sterilize the juicer part with hot water or microwave as it may deform the parts of the juicer. Parts of the juicer are heat sensitive due to its manufacturing material.

14. Do not wash the body part of the juicer. As the body part contains the motor of the juicer and it is equally important to keep it away from water to avoid electrical surge.

15. Use water to clean the juicer. In addition, experts recommend avoiding using petrol or acetone for cleaning the juicer.

16. Undoubtedly, keep your juicer away from the children, physically impaired, or persons having abnormalities as they may face electrical shock or they may insert fingers in processing part of the juicer.

17.Of course, the juicer is recommended to be used for home purposes only not for commercial purposes.

18. As a matter of fact, Electricity is equally the friend and enemy of the juicer or any electrical appliance, equally important to make sure socket wire is grounded well.


Slow Juicer Vs Fast Juicer what is the Myth?

What to choose


Slow juicers are slow because of their design restrictions on the process by which they provide juice. Centrifugal juicers are quick as they need to spin the juice out via a filter with centrifugal push, it takes a lot of power and speed from 3000RPM and maybe more.

Slow juicers work slowly because they require to use a pressing power to extract the juice through the filter. Without inducing extra heat. A slow speed generation motor is required for that pressing force. The speed is basically a compulsory trait of the juicing course in each case.

Centrifugal juicers are a fast technique to have enzymes into your bloodstream and it is great if one has a busy life and your main significance is to have the juice quickly. Temperature can abolish nutrients but maybe to some extent. It is not scientifically proven and maybe a myth.

Need to point out that centrifugal juicers are not as effective as masticating juicers are because these cannot break plant fiber structure with effectiveness. In a masticating juicer, the parts of the fiber are pressed,  chewed, and crushed at the same time. Which helps in releasing more of the juice with nutrients.

 In a centrifugal juicer, the cell covers are smashed open immediately and the juice is released by the centrifugal force of a fast rotating basket with filters. Then there is very low time and a chance for the cells to be broken down as a whole, so the juice is looking less rich and lively from the juice of the masticating juicer.

Why Color of Juice Changes?

Centrifugal juicers also combine air and the juice will darken more quickly due to the oxidation process. You may not face this oxidation issue if you drink your juice immediately, but slow juicers give a better shelf life of the produce.

Juicing lovers have an attraction to masticating juicers reason may be the previous experience with a centrifugal juicer. Slow juicers have condensed the suitability gap with centrifugal affectedly. If you are a juicing lover and have a juicing lifestyle, a small chunk of time with a slow juicer is a little price to pay to have better results in terms of nutrients in the juice.

Ease of use of these latest vertical slow juicers means there’s truly very little loss of convenience when you start juicing from a centrifugal juicer. Although the spinning speed is quite low in comparison with the speed juicer but produce has natural gifts.

Big augers in cold press juicer machines mean that for each low-speed rotation, you process more ingredients than with the more traditional horizontal slow juicers.

Final Verdict

Above all, after using it personally I like to sum up and recommend this juicer to leafy green and celery lovers because Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is producing what it is committed to.

Reasons and procedures are discussed in detail in the above sections of this document. In the light of my experience must go for it but make sure to always clean it before the pulp gets dry and it becomes hard to clean it. Obviously, what I have learned I have shared with you bu the ultimate decision remains at your end.

FAQs for Masticating Slow Juicer Aicok Amr 521

Time to ask

Is aicok juicer dishwasher safe?
I know Slow Juicer Masticating AICOK is a Dishwasher safe because only motor / body part is recommended to be kept away from water while remaining parts are made off Plastic which are water friendly. However, it is good practice to read the manual of the juicer in detail. It is a detailed pdf file.

Where to buy aicok juicer?
You can buy Slow Juicer Masticating AICOK amr521 easily buy just clicking the button View on Amazon beside this you can also buy it from the official site of the aicok juicers.

Aicok slow juicer warranty details?
Aicok Juicer comes with  24 months warranty, purchased from authorised dealers of Aicok.  There is also onption from Aicok to return machine with 30 Days of purchase and Refund full money. Companyprovides life time technical support for this product. Un like other juicers it has only two years of warranty period.

Aicok Juicer can juice Celery?
Aicok AMR521 can juice Celery and Leafy greens in contrast with apples, oranges and cucumbers and more. As this is a slow masticating juicer it has the capability to juice celery easily. Celery juicing has been done multiple times with this juicing machine. Here is  list of recommended celery juicers.

How to use Aicok Jucier?
Notablly, Using Aicok juicer is very easyand different from others. Above all Less assembly time is required and in above section of this article all details are present for guidance and usage of the Aicok Juicer

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