Best Juicers but keep in mind there are more than one capabilities that best juicer must have it includes yield, cleaning time, warranty, support, waste control, easy to use, easy to assemble, and many more. I am Robert a Juicing Expert and I Review the Best Juicer machines in terms of yield, masticating, enzyme protection, manufacturing materials, Juicing time, and noise, and many other factors. Every juicer is different from others in processing time, processing type, mechanical structure, and even attributes. I will help you to get the best juicer machine.

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Best Juicers for 2021

Juicer in Budget

omega nc900hdc 150

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Top Juicing Choice

omega h3000

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Top Orange Juicers With Quality Yield

Aicok Electric 

aicok orange juicer

Citrus Juicer Electric
BPA Free
Quiet Motor

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Breville BCP600SIL 

Breville BCP600SIL-min 150

Citrus Juicer Electric
changeable Reamers
Easy Assembly

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Tribest CS-1000

Tribest CS-1000 juicer

Citrus Juicer Electric
Stainless Steel
Easy to clean

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Best Budget Masticating Juicers Online

Omega Juicer J8006

omega j8006 150-min

Masticating Juicer
Multi-Purpose Juicer
15 Year Warranty

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Breville BJE430SIL

Breville Juice Fountain BJE430SIL-min

Masticating Juicer
Speed Controls
Quick Assembly

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Aicok Amr521 review

Masticating Juicer
Reverse Rotation
Easy Assembly

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Juicers for Fruits and Vegetables

Omega H3000D Cold

omega h3000

Best Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits
Vegetables Juicer
15 Year Warranty

Buy Now(7%)

Omega NC900HDC 

omega nc900hdc 150

Rate Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits
Juicing system
Green Juicing Expert

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Tribest GSE-5050

Tribest gse 5050

Top Juicer for Vegetables and Fruits
Twin gear
juicer and Grinder

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Recommended Juicer for Celery and Greens

Omega MM900 HDS

omega nc900hdc 150

Celery Juicing Machine
Stainless Steel
High Yield

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Tribest Slowstar 2000

tribest sw 2000_150x150

Celery Juicer
Juicer Plus Mincer
Duo Blade Auger

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Omega Cube System

omega cube nutrition juicer

Nutrition System
Nutrition System 
Plastic Body

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Best Juicers Reviews

By the

Jucerz Experts

Following is the list of juicers reviewed by the jucerz experts. You can click and understand how it works? What are parts?  How it can help you to have a good and healthy glass of juice.


Jucerz team selects juicer maker machine for review and studies every aspect of the juicing equipment. Starting from the material of machine, price of juicer, production quantity, production time, working technology, the juice extractor is loud or not, what a specific juicer can juice, warranty of the juicer, easy to use, easy to wash, support of the manufacturer and many other important factors.

These reviews by the professionals allow anyone to buy juicers with base knowledge and ease. As and juicing enthusiast you can follow the knowledge base researched and provided by the jucerz team and in the following sections you can read more about the best juicers of 2021.

Buy Juicer By Juice Type

Jucerz team always strives to review and categorize the juicers by their usage. The reason for this is to make life easy for juice lovers

green vegetables

The best juicer machine to buy for leafy greens must have masticating power to juice the natural leafy green food. Before taking a decision to have a juicer must have to go through this article about the juicers for leafy greens.

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celery image

Juicing celery is not fun for the juicers. Even the Best Juicer in the market can not juice the celery. There is a certain type of juicer that can juice celery with its benefits. You should know about these juicers before getting into celery juicing.

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Perfect wheatgrass juicing is a dream for health conscious fellows. It requires additional masticating power to juice the wheatgrass and after juicing cleaning is amajor phenomenon. Here we have list of top jucerz that will help you to have a best glass of juice.

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oranges for juice

Due to to the structure of this fruit specialized best-rated juicers can juice it. Jucerz team has taken this important factor into consideration. You can enjoy orange juice at home with this juicer. Normally juicers mix-up the pulp and the juice. Avoid such juices. Best Orange Juicers

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Buy Juicer With our Guide

What is the Best Juicer?

Without a doubt, before buying a juicing machine you should be aware of few important factors. Purely Juicers can satisfy these factors and will allow you to choose the best machine from a lot of options.

Although every brand has many qualities to offer in its product but you must look for the best juicing machine that fits your need the most.

Now the question will be what factors to know before buying a juice extractor? On the basis of my experience, i have managed to prepare the best juicer machine buying guide for you.

Equally important to inform you,  my team keeps evaluating purely juicers on the almost daily ground.

Let’s get to the point and explore important buying factors to consider before buying juicing equipment for you.

The decision for the best juicer?

Rather the first question that you should ask yourself.  Because answers to this question will decide what type of juicer will address your problems?

Moreover, people search for juicers to juice certain fruit or vegetable like you might be looking for the best juicer for celery, juicer for tomatoes,  juicer for carrots or wheatgrass juicers but for all those variants different types of juicers are required to process.

Your choice also can be a Multipurpose juicer if you have a family consisting of elders and juniors. The age juicing requirement varies. It may be from orange juice to celery juice or juice of leafy greens or maybe butter preparation from nuts it all depends on the choice you have.

Slow Juicer

For such vegetables as celery, wheatgrass or leafy greens slow juicers come into action. Slow Juicers are more dedicated to single tasks to juicing only and normally no additional features are included in the slow juicers.

As juices of fruits and vegetables are full of nutrition and you might be looking for a juice to address certain health conditions like diabetes, blood pressure or digestive disorders, and many more.

Quick Juicer

You can also be the person who loves to have quick juice for breakfast or before going to the gym. You are time conscious you definitely will be looking for a quick juicer. In the following sections of this write up I have discussed quick and slow juicers in more detail for your convenience.

In short, there might be many reasons to choose a juicer but the main thing you should learn that every juicer cannot be used to juice everything. You should know some basics before buying a juicer. So the primary question is for what purpose you are looking for a juicer and what makes the juicer a best rated juicer.

Quick  Vs Slow Juicers

There are commonly known two types of juicers quick juicers and slow juicers. This bifurcation is made on the behalf of the processing performance of the juicers. You must know what type of juicer you are looking for and what products this certain of juicer will process for you.

Juicers that can produce juice in terms of a few minutes are the quick juicers and the reason behind this is the quick rotational mechanisms to process the fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, slow juicers take more time to process fruits and vegetables.

Normally quick juicers produce juice in three to five minutes and slow juicers from ten to thirty minutes. You may ask why the slow juicers?

Well as told earlier there is a tradeoff between quality, quantity, and processing time. Both types of juicers process different types of fruits and vegetables like slow juicers are good for items like wheatgrass, celery, and leafy greens, etc.

Fast juicers produce good results with apples, tomatoes, and oranges, etc.

 Easy Assembly for Best Juicer is Important?

As the juicing machine reaches everyone is excited to extract the first glass immediately but what if you are unable to connect the juicer machine parts properly.

So after deciding on the juicing machine you must look for the online manuals, assembling videos, guides about the machine so that you can easily handle it as it reaches you.

Proper knowledge will lead you to use the machine with proper ease and you will get the benefits that you are looking for.

Operations of Juicer machine

You should learn what juicer can process and what is prohibited to be juiced with the juicer machine you have chosen to buy. You should be aware of the operations that certain juicers can perform.

There are common technical aspects that should be kept in mind like what voltage specific juicer works?


What is the RPM (PRM stands for rotations per minute) of the juicer? What is the horsepower of the motor installed in the juicer? You may ask why you should know all this stuff.

Well, the Answer is if you don’t know about the operational voltage you may lose your brand new juicer because of just providing the wrong voltage. As electricity standards vary from country to country some countries operate on 110 volts and some operate on 220 volts.

The second factor is the Rotations Per Minute. This is a very important factor while choosing purely a juicer because if you are looking juicer for leafy green and accidentally you choose fast juicers, what will be the result?

You will get the juice but it will never serve the purpose in terms of flavor and processing content. For leafy greens and celery slow masticating juicers are recommended. Normally slow juicers have RPMs below 80.

 Motor Power

The main power controller of the RPMs in the juicers is the Motor. The power of the motor is measured in horsepower. Higher the power of the motor means better juicing capabilities of the juicer but it also means that higher deterioration of the mechanical parts of juicers.

Manufacturers try to maintain a good balance in terms of motor power and parts usage so that product keeps working for more periods of time.

Best juicer machine brands always provide this information to their customers and also to the analysts and reviewers like us so before taking the decision to buy juicer must go through such technical details.

Cleaning time matters?

Cleaning time matters a lot while selecting a juicing machine but some juicing machines take an extra minute or two to be cleaned while some require less.

The best juicer always has a quick mechanism to clean it like it will have easy disassemble or fruits and vegetables are processed within a single container that is easy to clean.

Brands do care a lot to address this important factor and in the manuals, it is always mentioned how much time is required to wash the juicer.

Well, my experience says it always takes extra two minutes as compared with the cleaning time mentioned in the manuals. The best juicer machine in my terms is the one that serves your purpose and can easily be cleaned.

Juicer machines are Noisy? 

One of the environmental factors which are commonly related to juicer machines is noise. As the juicing process takes place sometimes there is loud noise which may affect your lifestyle like it did mine. As my soul mate loves to juice in the morning for breakfast and always it was loud for me. You must go through the manual and web details about the juicer you are deciding to purchase.

Another factor that the manual does not describe is the product being processed in a juicer. While juicing Oranges there will be low noise as compared with juicing pomegranates. Juicing is fun you will learn a lot.

Juicer Machine is Problem Solver?

It is always the best feeling when we get something extra. In the same way, there are juicers that can juice and do extra tasks as well. Like if you are looking to have nut butter, preparing smoothie, mincing, and many more tasks. But getting additional features means spending more. So keep this tradeoff in mind that if you are getting the best juicing machine with additional features you will be asked to pay a bit higher as compared with the routine juicing machines.

Warranty Fundamentals

All manufacturers provide the warranty feature with the juicers. But before buying a juicer warranty details must be read carefully. Warranty is an assurance that their product will work best for certain periods of time.

Warranty varies vendor to vendor as I also have used even using nowadays a product which has a warranty for fifteen years. Most of the vendors accept warranty claims from one year to three years and as per terms and conditions whole juicer unit is replaced or certain parts of the juicers are replaced.

Such minor details are really the factors that make your money count.

Availability of the Parts

Juicer machines are composed of multiple mechanical parts. These parts do deteriorate with the passage of time and need to be replaced with the new ones. By just searching on the internet you will easily get reviews about the juicer parts.

Another easy method is to search a part by name of the juicer brand on the internet and results will allow you to guess either part are available or not.

My observations and experience in terms of parts are very simple, I do found manufacturers offering the warranty of replaceable parts of the juicers and because of such care by the manufacturer, I am a happy buyer of parts even after the warranty expires.

This little bit of research will address your future needs of the juicer and you may say like me “happy juicing”.

Manufacturing Materials

Manufacturing materials count a lot in terms of durability and in terms of health as well. Let’s check out how manufacturing materials of juices are worth notable. Juicer’s main parts are normally made of plastic nowadays but some manufacturers still make main body parts with steel.

Steel made juicers are more durable as compared with plastic made juicers. While buying juicers you should look for it.

Now get to the second part and most important part that is how manufacturing material relates to health? Researchers have found a chemical named BPA which is part of plastic and this chemical is harmful to health. You should note the juicer you are buying is BPA free or not.

If you want to know more about you can visit for more details about this chemical.

Juicer OR  Blender

Before making a decision to buy juicer make sure what you are looking for a Juicer or a blender. What is the difference between these machines? Let’s dig it out. Well, there are multiple differences between the juicers and the blenders but the main difference is the fiber in the fruits and vegetables.

While fruits are processed in juicers all fiber is extracted and only juice remains in the output. Pure juice is less thick and all inputs are processed. While Blenders do not exclude all the fibers from the fruits and vegetables and yield produced by the blenders is thicker. Blenders are not purely juicers. You can have detailed information about multi role machines in other words juicer and blender in a single machine. 

Final Words

These are the basic buying factors to consider while choosing a kitchen partner. Although there many more technical factors that make some juicers higher as compared with other juicers those will be discussed as individual juicers will be reviewed.

What I have aimed is to provide you best-buying knowledge so that you can buy the best juicer and satisfy your need instead of wasting precious time and money around.

I with my team keep ranking the juicers and review the performance you can also check these reviews as well. Buy juicer and do not forget to share your experience with